checking out

I just had a weekend from hell.

Right now both Sadie and I are exhausted. She is on her pillow at the end of the bed wrapped in an afghan. Me, I am in emergency comfort zone: eating warm pizza, drinking cold beer and watching Felicity and checking out.

Felicity’s problems are waaaay more worse than mine. Plus, I am in love with her and Ben. I think if I had my choice of which one to be with – I don’t know if I could chose. Really. (Yeah, I would jump the fence for Ben Covington. Seriously.)

My day. Yeah, 20 degrees, windy. Numb fingers, bikes that wouldn’t start and some that needed the spark plugs changed from running them on the choke for too long. It was emergency bike repair and trying to get through the class. It wasn’t that the class was that bad. They were great, actually and despite the cold weather they had a great attitude. They persevered. It was just that with everything on our plates and we were behind.

I spend the whole day stressed and very tired on the inside but outside being upbeat and acting like everything was great with my class. My nose was running constantly from the cold wind hitting me. I had two ski caps on – one over the other. I had layers upon layers of fleece on topped with my North Face gortex coat. I was still shivering. It was ridiculously cold. I had called our sponsor at one point asking if we could postpone class to another Sunday that was warmer and I was told to keep pushing on.

We also had a stray dog that stayed with us throughout the class. He was wild and starving. We gave him our leftover donuts and fried chicken. We felt sorry for him but we couldn’t get him to come up to us at all. I wanted to take him home so bad. He got close to me because I had thrown a donut at him at one point. He ate it and from then on whenever I tossed cones out on the range for exercises he would come up thinking I was tossing food. So, he got the closest to me but when I approached him he would whine and even growl. He was so timid. When I left tonight I saw him running across the range and took him the rest of our donuts and made sure he saw me set them down. As I left I saw him approach the box to eat them. It was still heartbreaking to leave him there.

So, by the time I got Sadie and us home (she was at doggie daycare) I was done. I already called in sick tomorrow. I need a day off.

I also need a break. From everything. I may just watch the rest of the Felicity season(s) tomorrow (which, believe me, I have). I need it. I just want to check out.




3 thoughts on “checking out

  1. sorry you had such a cold rough day. heartbreaking to see a stray and not one darned thing you can do about it. poor dog. pull sadie a little closer, and give her extra love. i hope you have a better day tomorrow, blogger friend. *gentle hugs*


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