predicting the future & rational mind

My Valentine’s Day wish came true.

Lee did not contact me.


I took myself out last night half price burger after getting Sadie a huge bone to chew on while I was eating. (this way she won’t destroy the inside of my truck).

I did get some unexpected V-day gift(s). (Yeah, you know who you are.)

So, some things I always have a feeling about. Sometimes I can predict what will happen even before it does. Because of this I often go over the scenerios in my head before they happen so I’m ready. Kind of like being  on a constant job interview.

Here’s one of them:

If you told me that you needed, wanted me – I would come – no matter what. What ever you wanted. I would drive all night to get to you (unlike some). Just say the word and I would.

Rational mind kicking in: Now is not the time. Will there ever be a good time? Who knows.

Don’t you just hate that rational mind, sometimes?

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