46 days…..

Last night Sadie and I were just starting our walk to the lake when I got a text from Hannah.

“Heading to the lake to walk in 30.”

“Heading there now.”

“It will be 20 until we can leave.”

“We’ll take the long route and loop back by there.”

“See u in 30.”

One thing about Hannah that I like is that we can communicate easily with as little words as possible.  Unlike some people where you have to pick up the phone and call to explain what your text meant. (you know who you are)

Once we met up, we walked around the lake talking – while her dog barked and my dog tried to leap on Hannah. I don’t know what it is about Hannah that Sadie just wants to jump on – possibly because she talks in a little dog voice, too, like I do. Sadie just loves her nonetheless.

“What do you have going on tonight?”

“I got nothing. I just got home when you texted.”

“Want to go up to [neighborhood pub]?”

“Sure. Just let me run home and get the truc.k”

Ever since Sadie chewed the seatbelt off my truck I have given her HUGE bones (ones that she couldn’t even finish in a night) to chew while I’m having a beer/dinner. As we headed out to meet Hannah she whined in the backseat. I handed back a bone and she laid down and started in on it. Hopefully, I won’t lose anymore seatbelts and upholstery.

Hannah’s turning out to be a good hang out buddy. It seems like we’re both going through similar things and working through them. Such as feeling like all our friends are partnered up and only doing things with other couples and friends that do the fade after meeting someone. (you know who you are)

“Isn’t that just part of growing up?”

I thought, “Sweetheart, I’ve grown up a long time ago. Where are you?” but said,

“I don’t know if it’s that. I think it’s that sometimes people just only want to be with their lover.”

I had to wonder if I would be sitting there talking to Hannah if I had some smokin’ hot lover (S.H.L.) at home wanting me to watch Fringe with her.

Yeah, doubtful.

But, everything get’s old after awhile. I guess it would depend if S.H.L. and I were still in the honeymoon stage or and old married couple. I know I can’t deal with being with someone every single day of the week without going crazy. I need my space and to be with my friends. So, I guess I’m not the norm when it comes to relationships. I don’t just disappear. I stay. So, maybe I still would be sitting there talking to Hannah.

I think what my main problem is that I keep telling myself that I don’t like being single. But, then again – I think of all the times with Lee where I was so annoyed. (which, was about 85% of the time). Maybe I need to embrace my singleness. As I was contemplating all this, Hannah said,

“If there’s something you want to change, change yourself.”

I never heard that before. She was right. I do need to embrace my singleness.

Hannah was also talking about giving up alcohol for Lent. I have always wanted to do that, myself, even though I don’t consider myself a spiritual person – until I wrote this post, anyway. (Yes, the dusty Bible is still sitting on the counter in the kitchen)

I came in to work today and called one of my [more religious] co-workers.

“Felicia, when does Lent start?”

“Next week, February 22.”

“When does it end? Forty days?”

“No, 46 days – until April 7th. Why, you thinking of giving something up?”

“Yes, alcohol.”

“You will feel so good doing that for yourself.”

“Yes, but there’s a problem. This beer fest that I’ve been planning is on the 25th. Wonder if I can just not do it then.”

“That’s between you and God, Lanie. But, if you think about it – Lent is supposed to be about sacrifice. It’s not supposed to be easy.”

She’s right. There will be plenty more beer fests. I’m going to do it. 46 days – aye-yi-yi…..

So, after next Tuesday encouragement is welcomed. Hey, I quit smoking  – I can do this – only 46 daaaaaayz.



7 thoughts on “46 days…..

  1. Good luck on giving up alcohol. I don’t really get Lent. But then I am not religious. But good luck anyway! It is always good to test yourself and know you have the strength to do whatever you want.


  2. Good luck with your Lenten fast from alcohol!!! I’ll be thinking of you! There is something to be said for sacrificing something for a short period of time… it changes us and makes us stronger, I believe. I don’t know what I’m doing for Lent this year… hmmm… 🙂


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