running with scissors

I’ve had a post eating at me all day so I thought I would take a break and write before I head out for a run (hoping to get in 4 miles today).

The other night I met up with my friend Carla for latte’s. I hadn’t seen much of her since she started grad school, so it was good to catch up. We were talking about how busy we’ve both been with work and school. I told her about being selective in whom I hung out with these days but I did add that I was supposed to have lunch with Lee on Saturday. (after giving her the whole stupid, impossible update on Lee)

“Why? What are you getting out of it, Lanie?”

“Well, part of my Lent is to be nice to her.”

“What’s to say you can’t tell her nicely you’re not interested?”

That gave me pause to think. Really, other than giving me something she got for Sadie what else is there? I doubt there’s one thing that could come out of her mouth that I want to hear. What’s the point?

There is none. So, I just emailed her and said that I my class didn’t make and that I wouldn’t be in Alpharetta. It’s a lie, I know but if I were to really ask her what the point of it all was it would either be (a. more than her intellect could take and I really don’t want the hassle of dealing with her or b. a back and forth email argument and c. again, I really don’t want to deal with her. So, I did it.


Another thing that’s been bothering me – and, you all know this – have read it many times (and are probably tired of hearing about it) is the fact that my circle of friends who aren’t single are up their significant other’s butts all the time. I never hear from them. They never initiate plans. Hell, they don’t even make plans. Except to hang with each other or other couples and if they do they always have to be dragging the s.o. around like they can’t do anything on their own. Don’t they have hobbies, friends, an identity, hell, a life outside of their other half? Yeah, I’ve been your friend for 2, 3, 4, 5…10 years and suddenly you’re jamming this stranger down my throat every time we do something together and if I don’t like [said stranger] then you get put on the back burner of the “used to hang out and have a good time before -” stove.

So, there’s been several of those lately. (I guess they better never break up because they’re going to have to start over in the making friends department.) Snip.

And, finally – I think Alana has gotten under my skin so much now I just cannot ignore it anymore. I’m cutting her loose and spending the time, energy and effort making other friends. Yesterday she emailed me saying she’s going to rent the fur bus for her better half to surprise her. I knew for a fact that if she did I wouldn’t be invited. Today, she emailed me a link to this house on the beach in Florida that her and her gf were renting with all these other girls – again, I wasn’t invited. I understand that they only want to do things with couples. I get that. And, I get that about the house in Florida – only couples – plus, if I’m going to Florida I’m taking Sadie and we’re going to Charlie and Jennifer’s (who, I might add are both equally cool to hang out with together and as individuals and aren’t up each other’s butts 24/7 –I hope you’re reading this, Charlie)

But, still – I think it’s so rude to tell someone about this fantastic party, trip, event you’re throwing when you know you’re not going to invite them. So, that’s it – I’m done.  


Ok, now I’m going to go run.



7 thoughts on “running with scissors

  1. writer – I will try but it gets old being the one who always initiates.
    carlybeth – just how old do you think I am, girl? 😉 regardless – it made my day! Thanks for reading!


  2. 😉 all i can say is that its imperative to have your own individual self,, an for someone to try an take that away from you,, or allow yourself to lose your (complete) self is not a good thing,, been there done that,, i like balance


  3. I have two women that I work with. We have all worked together for 20 years. So, when lunch time rolls around, we never all three go out together. They always go together, but if one is absent, I am the spare that gets asked to go. I should just say no the next time. Why does this bother me so? Sorry for venting.


  4. I would have written her back about her big party plans and said that “its really rude to show me all that shit and not have the courtesy to at least invite me” what a B!

    I completely stop talking to my “friends” that ditch me when they get in a relationship. Get a life outside of you’re sig other. You’ll both be a happier couple when you’re not obsessed with each other. What’s worse is when they break up and suddenly come crawling back for friendship, ummm I don’t think so. Friendships are relationships too, which is what some people just don’t understand.


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