Yeah, you’re probably thinking after reading the title that I got lucky last night…….

….not so much.

I was just trying to eck out a quick post before I have to take Sadie to doggie daycare and head to class. I’m teaching yet another class this weekend and I’m really dreading it. I already know we’re going to have problems but I’m just going to suck it up – as always – and put on my big girl pants and do it.

Yesterday, I got out of work early and headed for the house. I woke Sadie up as she wasn’t used to me getting home so early and then straightened up the house a little. (That way I won’t have to totally spend all day on Wednesday cleaning before FP gets here – and, she may change that name after she reads this). After that, I went up to the pizza place for a slice and a beer (yes, I know – I’ve slipped a lot little on lent) Then, we headed for the dog park. I spoke to a cute woman who had a border collie that was playing with Sadie. I wondered if the dog park was the place to meet chicks. I wasn’t sure – there are so many lesbian couples that go to that place – almost everyone has a ring on their finger and says “we’re married…..well….not officially.” I can count on two hands how many times I’ve heard that recently and I’ve got to tell you………

……….I’m a bit tired of it.

I mean, even if I were with someone, shacked up, at this point in my life I doubt I would get married. Legal or not. (They’re not getting my house.) All I want for now is to be able to go out with someone that’s cool. Oh! And, speaking of a date – I totally got out of that date with Hannah on Monday. She FB messaged me saying she just remembered she has a sweat lodge ceremony on Monday and can’t do it and that can we do it Sunday. (Yeah, do I seem like the type that would date a sweat lodge ceremony participant? -and, I don’t want to hear it, Ellen) I wrote back, sorry have plans on Sunday that this weekened/week is very hectic getting ready for my friend to come and we’ll do it another time. I mean, really – even if she were Mz. America, could do backflips and fart rubies I would still be busy and want to plan something the following week.

So, I totally lucked out that Hannah has to go sweat. Whew!

Back to the dog park, Bird ended up coming with her dog, Schatzi. I realized then that Birds dog is a little trouble maker because the minute she got into the park she headed for the fence line trying to get out with Sadie on her tail. We kept having to walk up there and call them back. I wanted to go back to watching her play with the other dogs. I decided then that I wasn’t going to call Bird anymore when we went there because her dog is such high maintenance there. Afterwards, we went down the street to my fav joint to have another a beer.

“Janice is joining us. I haven’t seen her for, like, two weeks and we’re supposed to have dinner tonight. Want to join us?”

Leave it to Bird to have it totally go over her head that Janice probably wanted to have some alone time with her since she hadn’t seen her in two weeks. Probably the last thing she wanted was to have an ex of Birds tag along.

“Nah, I’ve got things to do. Thanks for the invite, though.”

Janice came and I stretched my beer a bit to visit with her a and then took off. I decided that I was a bit over hanging with Bird and having to have a Janice chaperon, too. So, Sadie and I went home and I made dinner and we watched the rest of season 3 of Fringe and I cursed myself for not having season 4 on hand.

Ok, got to run. More later and have a great Saturday. Mine will be great at 6:00!



2 thoughts on “quickie

  1. You’re friend will probably want a new name after reading this; FP just sounds too sterile…
    Don’t go overboard getting ready for your visit! I bet she’s pretty relaxed!


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