hungry like the wolf

I just wanted to write to say that I made it through today. I know you all were worried. The class wasn’t half as bad as I originally thought. Or maybe I’m more talented as a coach as I thought…..right.


There’s a chick in the class that was making eyes at me. My co-instructor, TC said, “I think she’s family. You interested?”

“Oh please, girl. She’s probably MAR-RIED. Aren’t they all. Either that or they live with their ex.”

TC asked her and on a break she told me, “Yeah, I asked her if she was married and she said, ‘Uh, uhhhhh….I have a live-in.”

“Whatsa live-in? Is that like a tenant with benefits?”

“I dunno, depends on the day, I guess.” 

“Yeah, I’m gonna tell Paulette (TC’s gf who I often teach with) you said that.” 

“Oh, no you’re not.”

“Uh huh. Ok, I have dirt on you now.”

This is the kind of easy going back and forth TC and I always have when we work together which, I do the same with her gf when we work together.

I wasn’t surprised the woman “had a tenant” although if I was with someone I wouldn’t want to be called a ‘tenant’ maybe queen Lanie or the “landlord with benefits” but not ‘the tenant’.

After class, I went to doggie daycare to pick up Sadie and there’s several lesbians waiting for their dogs. I spied this one girl who used to play in a band (pre-crush Emily) and she’s like “Hey! How are you?” I know this woman is very-married now and her and her partner even had a child together. I remember her first telling me when her partner was pregnant and me crossing her off the list permanently from then on.

Then, I went to the grocery to pick up a few things for dinner. In the store (Kro-gay for my neighborhood) it seemed like love was in the air. Even that cheesy song played in my head ‘Love is in the air’. All around me there were women shopping together – it was domestic bliss. There were even two women walking towards me holding hands. Although, they both checked me out as they walked by because I was giving them both my best hungry like the wolf, sultry look like, “Look what you’re missing” Yes, I’ve been reduced to cruising married women in the grocery store.


But, what else is there a girl to do? Every good looking woman either lives with their ex or is F-ing married, well……

………not officially.


2 thoughts on “hungry like the wolf

  1. i feel your pain…it definitely seems like every single, solitary woman out there is involved in some sort of marital bliss situation…or in my case “straight but questioning”. blerg!


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