What would you do, dear readers

So, remember me telling you that I wasn’t going to hang with Alana anymore because she kept telling me about all these things her and “her friends” we’re going to do and I was never invited? Well, last Sunday as I was getting out of class she texted me “drink?” I thought about it for a minute and texted back “sure”. At least that way I could nicely say once again “wow, I sure would love to do some of these things with u girls”
So, I said I was heading home from class and would text her once I was home in 30 min.
Once home, I peeled off my gear and headed for the tuck texting her “where you want to meet?”
She texted back “oh, I already made plans with (gf)”
I was like wtf? That’s my own stupid fault for falling for her shit once again. I texted back something to the effect of “shit, I thought we had plans” then I never answered anymore of her lame replies.
So, I ignored her emails all week and I finally I get this:
“What are you doing? Let me buy you dinner and drinks for going to softball with (gf)instead of meeting you for a drink”
I’m temped to just ignore her. But, I wanted to put this out there. What would say in reply, dear readers? Or would you simply hit the delete button like I want to?
Love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “What would you do, dear readers

  1. Okay, I’d have to say give her this last chance before you confront her. She could simply be forgetful, or thinks your going to stay playing games with her. If she really thinks so, your eventually going to forget her and move on- then everything is going to hit her later on, and then she’ll see how much of an ass she was to you and will constantly try to make it up. (Personal experience with me being the ass.)

    Hope everything works out!



  2. Ever hear the saying…”you teach people how to treat you?” If you want a relationship with her, you need to call her and tell her what you expect when someone makes plans with you. Tell her it hurts your feelings when she blows you off. You can say it in a nice way…then give her another chance if you think she is capable of being a good friend. With some people, you have to actually teach them how to be a friend. Truthfully though, if she has done this numerous times, I doubt I would give her another chance. Only family gets a bunch of extra chances, in my humble opinion.



  3. I say go to dinner and take the direct approach and just ask her what’s up. Tell her what she’s done and how it’s made you feel…only when you take the direct approach will you get a full answer.


  4. She made it apparent that you are not a priority in her life, so I would only go if you literally had nothing else to do. Something like don’t make people a priority who only keep you as an option, or some such.


  5. I she means that much to you I would reply. since I only make plans with people that mean some thing to me I usually reply. Those who are new to me seldom get much more than one or two chances before they are gone and forgotten.


  6. This would completely piss me off. I don’t have friends that blow me off in this manner. I just don’t. Text her back and say something to the effect of “Sure, would love it. I understand if your plans change. I know how important I am to you”

    Just kidding. That is the passive agressive in me.


  7. I say go, and if its one on one then tell her how she flakes and it’s made you not trust her. If it’s a friendship worth saving, then fight for it.


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