getting off and riding

Ahhh, I’m finally off. I haven’t had a day off since February 20th. Despite the weather not cooperating with me it’s gotten off to a good start. So, I have several things to tell you. I’m sure you all want to know what I ended up doing about Alana.

Well, at first I ignored her email/dinner invitation until she texted me “Hey, where are you? I want to take you out – anywhere you want to go.” And, she happened to name one of my favorite restaurants in that list.

Then, I thought “If she’s willing to take me there then she must want the friendship.” So, I went. I really wanted the friendship to work. We’ve been friends for years and if anyone deserved a second chance she did. Over dinner she apologized yet again for being lame. Then, later I mentioned that Tracy had sent me a party invitation. I said, “You know – I appreciate the party invite but I never get a chance to really talk to them in a party atmosphere. I would love to just hang with them when y’all go out for drinks or something.”

“Well, email them. They may not know that.”

What a novel idea. That never occurred to me. So, now I need to decide if reaching out to them is worth the time and effort. Again, the ball is back in my court. I’m going to have to think about it. Despite my constant bitching complaints about never going out or dating my schedule is packed. Oh, I know I’d make time for a woman in my life if the right one came along. So, we’ll see if I reach out to them or simply keep Alana to myself to go watch baseball and have beers with – which, is something that we do together that I always cherish.

The woman in my class this past weekend [let’s call her ‘Trinna] who had a “live in” has been texting me about buying a motorcycle. She ended up buying a [big, name brand that rhymes with Barley] yesterday. She also found me on FB and sent me a friend request. I accepted it and then stalked perused her page. On the left side it said, “In a relationship with..” I checked out the “with” woman. I was surprised she was rather [lets say] full-figured.

Earlier I had texted her if her “live in” was going to take a class from me, too. Her reply “No!!! She’s a good passenger.”

The “No” with not one, but three exclamation marks (and you know how I feel about those) gave me pause. Did she not want her to ride or was the “live in” scared of them? I decided I didn’t really care either way.

Yesterday, Trinna was at the dealership and sent me a picture of a bike she was looking at. Then, “Should I get the 883 or the 1200?”

Thinking about seeing pictures of “live in” on her site I texted back “Get the 1200”

Yeah, you’re going to need all the power you can get, girl.

Later, she said she bought it and it will be delivered on Friday. Then, “you can ride it.”

“Great.” I replied.

Then, thought, “It’s not the bike I want to ride, sister.”


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