keeping up

Savannah and I blew it out on Thursday. We started out with breakfast at one of my favorite little places in [small burb of Atlanta] and moved on to a tour of CNN. After parking and walking in to the building I realized I hadn’t been there since the hockey team left. We went up a very long escalator to the top floor to start the tour. Ironically, after telling her about the hockey team that left we [literally] ran into a couple on the tour who was from the town in Canada our team moved to -very strange coincidence.

After the tour, we walked across Olympic park and decided to go into the Westin hotel to have a drink in the bar at the very top that spun around. However, the bar wasn’t open until later so we went up to Hard Rock café instead and had a few beers. I’ve never been in there before but thought it was appropriate that day for being a tourist. There was a jacket that Madonna wore in a case on the wall. Beatles stuff that Savannah appreciated. Some server guy named “Bake”.

We went on to my favorite joint, my favorite pizza place for a slice all before the concert we were heading to that night. Savannah had gotten tickets to this band and is a big fan.

We parked and were walking to the venue when we saw a man walking across the parking lot towards a hotel nearby.

“I think that’s the lead singer for the band.” She said pointing.

Savannah is a celebrity chaser and I said, “Well, go get him! Get his autograph.” 

“No, that’s ok.”

We went inside, founds some seats and then went to get PBR tallboys. The warm-up band came on after awhile and then the headliner. Both bands equally great and sometime during the main show I went down to replenish our beers. I found a member of the warm-up band at the bar and went up to him and told him I really enjoyed their show. He had a British accent and I asked him where he was from and he said London. We talked for a bit and then I went back in to the show.

“Where were you?”

“I was talking to one of the warm-up band guys. We should go down there after the show and talk to them.”

So, afterwards Savannah bought a cd of the warm-up band and all of the members were there to autograph. She handed the cd around and just then the guy I talked to earlier came up and put his arm on my shoulder calling me by name. Savannah took a picture of us standing there. It was so funny thinking about it.

“He acted like you guys were long lost friends.”

“I know and I just met him earlier.”

After the show we went to my favorite French café and closed it down.

“You’d think for a French Bistro they’d stay open a lot later.” We griped. The server gave us a coupon for a free appetizer and apologized for kicking us out. When we finally stumped into the house it was 2 a.m.

“I think I can definitely keep up with you.” She joked.

 “Yep, I think so and not many can.”

I don’t think I’ve partied like this since K became a toad. But, today is St. Paddy’s day and both Savannah and I dried out yesterday so it’s on.


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