“How do you know if she’s gay or not?”

My friend, Savannah (formerly known as FP) said.

“I just get this vibe.”

We were at the dog park watching Sadie run around and play with a boxer mix. There were all kinds of dogs there but she always finds one specific dog – probably one that can keep up with her – to run with.

“What about meeting people here?”

“I don’t know, I mean, I meet someone new every time I come here but so far nothing. I talked to this one girl last week whose dog played with Sadie quite a bit but I didn’t get anything off of her. More like she was either straight or very not interested. I just don’t pursue anyone like that – in fact, I like to be the one pursued.”

Just then the woman I was just talking about came in with her dog. She waved as she walked by and then went back to being glued to her iPhone.

“See what you think.” I said, as I got up to go talk to the guy who owned the potcake dog.

Later, she said, “Yeah, I can see what you mean. She seems b!tchy, even.”

Earlier that day I sat in the waiting room of a new chiropractor I’m trying out. I’ve done something to my neck (probably picking up that motorcycle last weekend and the weekend before and the weekend before….) and have been in a considerable amount of pain the past week. I had filled out the paperwork for a new patient and waited for the doctor to come get me (yes, I call chiro’s doctors because to me if they can fix my back and make me feel better they’re a doctor in my book). Out walked a fairly attractive woman and the vibe hit.

I followed her to a room in the back and she told me to sit up on the table. I kicked my flips off and sat there in my cargo shorts and a green t-shirt. “I’ll be right back.” She said.

She came back with a chart that I had filled out on a clipboard. She sat down on a low stool and asked me several questions about my neck pain -more questions than I ever thought. Then, she started talking about posture, sitting at the computer, driving in the car, etc. I kept looking at her blouse while she talked. I wondered if she had a bra on.

There’s no way she has a bra on with that shirt. I would see the straps. I wasn’t paying any attention to what she was saying until “so, I’m going to get behind you and we’re going to do some physical therapy.”

Huh? Uh, ok.”

She got on the table behind me and took my face in her hands and gently pulled my neck back into a straighter position. “Scoot back further into me.” She said. I was starting to like this – more than I should.

She kept doing the exercise with my neck a few more times and said, “How does this feel?”

I had completely forgotten about my neck and could only focus on her body pressed up against my back. “Great – I mean, uh, better.”

She got off the table and instructed me to lay down on my back and scoot back so she could hold my head in her hands. She gently did another exercise with my neck. I could feel the tension loosening.

“So you live in [small town closeby]?”

“Yes, right up the road.”

“My partner and I lived over there a few years ago but now we live in [small burb of Atlanta]”

I was just waiting for the “my partner” or “my wife” bit and wasn’t surprised when it finally did come out.

She asked me several more questions about my work, teaching and what kind of motorcycles I had. I even told her I had an interview later that day. We talked so easily. I’m sure this is all part of her thing to make patients feel at ease while she’s making them horny doing her work.

“Ok, follow me to the other room.”

In the next room over she told me to lay down on my stomach and she hooked me up to some electrodes that massaged my muscles. She laid a heating pad down on my back.

“Let me know if you need anything. I will be back in a moment.”

I laid there and thought, “Yeah, I need you to tell me you have a twin that’s single. It so figures that she has a partner. I think I’m the last single woman left in [small burb of Atlanta].”

She came back and said to again follow her to another room. “I guess I’m seeing every room in the house then.” I quipped.

She chuckled and said, “You are and have you seen the bathroom yet?”

“No, I haven’t but I will be sure to check that out, too.”

This was the adjustment table. She told me to lay on my stomach first while she adjusted me. Then, to sit up and cross my arms in front of me and drop my chin. This is where she put her arms around and me and squeezed me until my back popped. I not only got instant relief but I was turned on even more.

“Sh!t this is almost as good as sex.” I thought.

Once we finished she lectured me again on my posture and to do my exercises.

“I want to see you in here again on Monday.”

“No problem.”

I felt a bit weak in the knees as I walked out to my truck.


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