off the grid and out of the woodwork

Apparently, when I disappear for a few days people start looking for me. From Lee on Saturday when I was on my way to the gorge:

Hey,That time of year again. Beautiful blooms, etc. Going to Savannah this weekend to hang with my parents. I’m sure we will take that drive again to see all the azaleas and such.

Hope you are doing well. 


Sent from Lee’s Fabulous Mobile Device!

Then, on Sunday:
Lanie,I want you to be happy. I believe that all efforts made for having a friendship need to end. I have reached out once again with nothing in return. This is not a friendship anyone should aspire to have. It saddens me but I have to let it go.

I’m glad we were able to experience Savannah once again and I will never forget our first trip there and to Tybee. You will always have a special place in my heart. I know…cheesey but true.

I am thankful for all the fun and adventures we had together. There is nothing wrong with a shout out once in a while okay.

I still think about working together with landscape design and actually doing the work. You never know. We did great together. Just a thought.

Pet Sadie for me.

On my way to Savannah…sitting here at the DOT in Macon…Kneesa potty spot! Haha

Take care.


Sent from Lee’s Fabulous Mobile Device!

Today, once I got back, unloaded the truck, cut the grass, took my first shower since Saturday morning and sat down to look at my emails I saw both. Of course I didn’t reply to either – not only because I was in the gorge and had no cell/email/text service but also I.DON’T.CARE. Maybe she will leave me alone now for good.
Next up was finally a reply from Kaitlyn:
Hey Lanie,Sorry its taken me a minute to respond. By the way, I listened to the song you sent and I really like it! They have a great sound and I like the lyrics to that song too. I would like to go to the show, but I have a church council meeting that evening at the church. But it would be great to hear them sometime—maybe they’ll play again at Eddie’s?

In terms of getting coffee…would you be able to meet in the afternoon either on Monday or Tuesday? Or is evening the only time you are free? I have something going in the evening Mon-Wed (taco night being one! :)) But if you are free in the afternoon on Monday for example, we could meet up. Heather would not be able to come, but we could grab a cup. Would be fun to get a chance to talk more with you. 


I wrote Kaitlyn back to the extend of  -Glad you enjoyed the song, will burn you a copy of the cd and that I could probably get away Monday afternoon to meet up for coffee.
And, no reply from the good doctor. So, she needs a nudge. Doctors get busy, time flys. So – “Janice, did you want to try to set up a night to have a drink? Hope you had a great weekend. Lanie”
So, it’s all out there. I will have to tell you all about my trip but I’m too tired to write any more right now so stay tuned.

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