tacos and original sin

I walked in to taco night a ½ hour late last night and didn’t even know it. There was no way I could have made it any earlier. Everyone was standing around talking and I thought they were just lingering until Carrie came running in with tortillas appologizing for being late.  Kaitlyn said hi immediately and then moved off to talk to others. Her attention is always divided at these things – well, she’s the center of attention because she leads it. This is her show.

I talked to the theology professor about fly fishing. He showed me some amazing pictures of him flying fishing. I was exclaiming over a picture of a huge trout when Kaitlyn called us all into a circle to say grace. I ended up in between her and the professor holding hands. All during the prayer all I could think of was her hand in mine. It was cool where mine, I’m sure, was burning up. Thankfully, it wasn’t sweaty. Just warm. She closed the prayer and gave my hand a light squeeze before letting it go. My heart was pounding so hard in my ears I didn’t hear a word of the prayer.

We all lined up and grabbed tacos and sat down at the tables. Again, I ended up right next to her. She started the discussion of wrapping up our Lenten series subject: Sin and Salvation. She has written two questions on the board for us to discuss while we ate. One was: “Are there any leftovers from the discussion?” And –

“What does it mean to you? What did you carry away from it?”

We got into a deep discussion about sin and how it’s such an uncomfortable topic in the church, in group discussions, etc. That it’s not mentioned a lot and what is sin, exactly?

It was discussed that sin could be a number of things. The professor talked about the history of “original sin” and every time he said that all I could think of was “mine’s sitting right next to me.” [and this movie, which, I own.]

The discussion went on until Kaitlyn wrapped it up at 8:30. I lingered over peanut butter pie someone had brought in and talked to the ladies sitting at the far table before finally getting up and grabbing my gear.

I went over to Kaitlyn and nudged her with my helmet, “Hey, good to see you. I’m taking off.”

“Good to see you! I guess I’ll see you…..well, I don’t know when I’ll see you.”

“I know, the girls mentioned bible study starting back up.”

“Yes. Well, I have your number now and I’ll look you up on FB. Tell me your last name again?”

I had told her twice but I didn’t mind. I knew where to find her on there now. She had told me that she was under her Icelandic name when I asked if she was on FB. I asked her to spell it for me and she did. So, I friended her and that’s where we leave it – for now.

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