past and present




Last night I went out to see Emily play. Prior to the show I sat out back and had beers with Alana.

“Is that the chick you’re here to see?” she nodded in the direction of the table Emily and her band were sitting.

I turned around in my seat, “Yep, that’s her.”

“You should go over there.”

“Nah, I’m biding my time. I won’t get out of here before saying hi. I don’t want to bug her right now. They may be talking about the show.”


We sat out there until I saw the band get up and head to the stage. “Guess that’s my cue.” I said bye to Alana and went inside and pulled up a stool. They only played four songs and I was so disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – they sounded great but I was sorry to see it end so quickly. I’d even ordered a burger and had I known it was going to be over soon I would have waited and hit the taco stand down the street. I sat and finished my burger and fries. I was looking around for the server when this tall blonde with very goofy large glasses appeared in front of me.


“Er, hi.”

“How are you?”

“I’m fine. How are you?”

Who is this? Maybe she’s trying to pick me up and I should just introduce myself, I thought.

“Hey, I’m Lanie.”

“I know, silly, I’m Teri.”

“Teri! Right! It must be the glasses. So, you made it through your test, I take it.”

“Yes. Been working my @ss off.”

“Did you end up at [one hospital]?”

“No, I ended up at [another hospital].”

“Oh, well. Great.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Well, I saw you sitting over here and I just wanted to come over and say ‘Hi’. Are you here by yourself?”

“Yeah, I just came to catch Emily’s show but I’m taking off now.” Flagging the server.

“Well, good to see you.”

“You, too. Take care.”

She went back across the bar and sat down at a table with some other girls. The one beside her didn’t act remotely like her girlfriend. Just then my phone vibrated.

“Good to see you and could you tell the server to bring my fries? It’s been an hour.”

I looked at my half-eaten fries that were still warm in the cup they serve them in. I grabbed them off the bar with a bottle of ketchup and walked over. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned. I handed them to her with the ketchup – “you can have the rest of mine, they’re still warm.”


I left after that. I needed to. I have no business what-so-ever getting involved with her again. As I walked out the door I ran right into Emily and her band.

“Hey, great set but too short.”

“Yeah, I know. Since we were opening we had to keep it short.”

I went on to ask her about her next show in April then we started talking about music. Her band got up and went back inside to watch the headlining band and her and I just stood outside and talked about old music, new music, playing around town. It was great!

Finally, I she went back inside and I left feeling all tingly. I had talked to Emily about music – she had stayed out there and talked to me for 30 minutes – just me. I had her undivided attention for that long. It was better than an autograph. And –

-it was so wild that Teri came up to me and I didn’t even recognize her, which, is a miracle considering –

-she was the last person I slept with.


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