vacation, work, work, work and vacation

Goddess, I’m going to die.

I just got my motorcycle schedule for May. Yeah, I’m working every weekend except the last one – Memorial Day weekend. But, it’s a mixed bag. I will be working a lot but I plan to take the whole week off and head on down to Florida and see what kind of trouble I can get in to…..and, you know I will. 😉 This is typical for this time of year. Last year I worked almost all of April and May and Lee and I went to Pensacola. (Gosh, was that just last year?) I remember having a really good time with her then. When I remember good times with her it causes my heart to sink.

I think “WTF?!” then-

“She can go F herself. I was the best thing that ever happened to her.”  

Ok, I’m not going to think about that – only that there’s something mentally not there with that girl that I can’t do anything about [just keep thinking you’re not a F-ing shrink that, Lanie and -] moving on (to good things) –

-thankfully, I’m not working this weekend and next. Saturday is going to be spent getting the house ready for Charlie and Jennifer to get here. I haven’t laid eyes on them since Key West so you know there’s going to be some wildness. Sunday, I organized a motorcycle ride to the Whistle Stop café in Juliet, Georgia. This girl is going, along with my co-instructor TC and a mixed bag of pool ladies. Should be a good time! This is the first ride I’ve organized and I’m excited about it.

Next week Charlie and Jennifer are rolling in on Thursday and after walking the dogs (they’re bringing Bailey who is exactly Sadie’s age who we know they’re going to be great friends) they’re going to pool with me because I promised Mick I wouldn’t miss anymore pool this season – especially since we’re in third place. Friday Ellen is going to have a softball party at her house so Charlie and Jennifer can see those girls and Saturday is the party at my house. Sunday we’re going to chill – possibly go on a motorcycle ride. Jennifer is going to take Charlie on my Triumph and I’m riding the Ducati. Hell, we may even do a day trip or something. I’m off the following week Monday and Tuesday while they’re here. Then, sadly I have to go back to work on Wednesday and work through the last weekend they’re here. In fact, work through until the end of May – can I do it? Can I do it? I think I can but I need to put myself on a strict schedule. No partying during the week (well, maybe only one night), grocery shop and stock up so I can come home at night and crash after cooking dinner plus, I’m not dating right now so that means more time (anything to look on the positive side of that). And –

-there’s always vacation to look forward to at the end of May and maybe I can talk them into going to P’cola with me. We’ll see.


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