blackness then redness

I sit at my desk at work trying to see the computer screen through my tired and bleary eyes. It’s Friday and Jennifer and Charlie are leaving today. It’s been a week – in a good way.

Wednesday night Jennifer, Charlie and I went down to a local bar to shoot some pool. My pool league is approaching tournament and every little bit of practice helps right now.

We grabbed a table, got  beers and started playing. Later, I got us a round of bourbon shots but made everyone wait to drink when we heard Pink’s song “Raise your glass” I put into the jukebox.

Back at the house I pulled out a bottle of bourbon and that’s when it got interesting. I put on disco music and started dancing. Charlie video’d me and Jennifer getting down to KC and the Sunshine band [and, uploaded it to FB].

After that the world went black.

I woke up the next morning and it was light outside. Shit. I was late for work. I got up a little too quickly and almost fainted. I sat down on the bed and looked around my bedroom. The boots and jeans I’d had on the night before were in a heap in the corner. My elbow hurt. I didn’t remember how I got there. I needed to get to work. I slowly crept to the shower.

It wasn’t until that afternoon after pulling into the carport and Jennifer pressing a bloody Mary into my hand that I found out that Charlie had found me passed out in the back yard.

“Yeah, Jennifer was puking and then I found you passed out in the back yard. I was literally in the weeds last night taking care of you two.”

“Charlie came and got me and said, ‘Help me get Lanie out of the back yard.’ We carried you in to the house and put you to bed.”

“So, you guys took my clothes off.”  It was a statement.

They both nodded. “Yeah.”

“And, you both saw me naked then.”

Smiling they nodded again.

“And, you’re not a true blonde, Lanie.” Jennifer said.

I turned as red as the drink in my hand.

3 thoughts on “blackness then redness

  1. Hahahah I think its funny that you ended up passing out in the backyard. I find it interesting, the places some people end up passing out at, or what there thinking was going to that spot in the first place. Something we’ll never know.


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