Sadie and I haven’t been ourselves since the girls left. As I snapped her lesh on go for a walk the other day she whined and whined.

“I know, Sadie. I miss them, too.”

I know both of us had a great time playing with them while they were here. Too easy was it to run around and do fun things and party. Since they’ve been gone it’s been a literal hangover – mostly the real kind and then the mental kind of going back to work, getting sh*t done. The day to day doldrums have taken hold.

Right after they left on Friday I rolled into a weekend class. Part of me didn’t want to do it. I tried to give it away actually but I couldn’t. I was stuck doing it. It was a full class (which, is rare for this site) and they were very high maintenance. By Sunday I was wiped out. I don’t remember ever being so tired – even when I did the 3 day walk. I went home and propped my feet up and drank a beer. I relished the coolness of it going down.

I think I need a vacation from my vacation. I’m working the whole month of May straight through and then I’m going to take a week off and go somewhere. Who knows….

Maybe I need to go here.


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