moving on

I am at an impasse with this blog if you haven’t already figured that out yet. There are some things I need/want to write about but they need to remain somewhat private. Yes, I’ve locked down several posts but I don’t want to have to keep doing that.

Also, some very negative people have gotten a hold of my blog address and are obsessing reading and feeding off of it. Part of me thinks “Why should I care if they have nothing better to do than sit around reading my blog and obsessing to each other about it? I just want to tell them this –

-get a life.”

If they have nothing better to do than read, obsess and back stab me to other people then they really do need to get a life.

The other part thinks that Lanie needs to pack up and move somewhere else because even though I don’t freaking care that these people have no life I certainly don’t want them knowing what the f*ck I’m up to all the time.

So, blog audience -here we go again – Lanie in the City is moving to a new place, perhaps even changing her name once again. Stay tuned……