Sunday fiasco

Sunday, I had to fly to Denver for a class all week. Saturday evening Charlie and I decided to go out on a date and paint the town red. We first took the dogs to the dog park in the neighborhood of our favorite beer joint. Sadie ran around and tried to play with this puppy until the puppy’s older sister about snapped her head off. At one point Sadie was running up the hill and the dog jumped out and snapped at her and she ran under the table Charlie and I were sitting on.

The owners were like “She never does that.” And, “She won’t bite.”

Yeah right, like she wasn’t going to bite my dog when her teeth snapped together just now.

Those owners finally left and were replaced by almost the same. Two dogs – one a puppy and the other older dog very protective. Although, this one wasn’t quite as protective but when they ran down to the bottom of the hill and the puppy went into the mud Charlie and I both groaned. I didn’t savor the puppy coming back and jumping up on me with her muddy paws and said, “Want to go before they come back?”

“Yes, let’s get out of here.” We immediately leashed the dogs up and ran out. I’m sure those owners were like, “Where did they go?”

We went to our favorite joint for a beer, then a margarita at another restaurant across the way but after not allowing us to sit on the shaded patio with the dogs and only out in the bright sun I suggested we go home and drop the dogs off and go somewhere else, which we did. We ended up at a taco place in East Atlanta, then a bar and then meeting Bird at another club.

The next morning Charlie and I woke up on opposite sides of the bed we normally sleep.

“How did I get over here?”

“I have no idea.” And “There’s no coffee.”

I groaned and threw on some clothes and drove up to the waffle house. Once back after walking through the door with the coffees I saw Charlie sitting at the bar. “You’re not going to like this.”


“There’s a rat in the pantry.”

I groaned again. I wasn’t up to killing a rat in my condition. “I will get it out.” Opening the door to the pantry I kicked a plastic container until it ran out, over my foot and behind the washing machine as Charlie screamed. My head started pounding more.

I  jumped in the shower and after getting out started packing for Denver. I hate packing the day of leaving. Normally, I am packed the night before just in case I wake up late the next morning – this had saved my butt years ago when I went to Miami. Once packed Charlie and I got in the truck and started to the airport. I wanted to get there early so we could have breakfast. We got there, parked and walked towards the terminal.

“I want to check in with Delta down here because there’s no crowd.” We walked in to the Delta check in counter and there was a woman in there with three screaming kids. Again, my head started throbbing. I quickly checked in on the kiosk but when I hit the button to check my bag that I was traveling for military and when I handed my bag to the guy at the counter he asked me how I was paying. I explained I was traveling for military the man spat “ID?”

I stepped over the children who were sitting on the floor screaming and handed him my CAC card. He studied it like it held the answer to the universe. Finally, he handed it back to me and said, “You must be traveling on military orders.”

The kids screamed again and I didn’t feel like fighting him so I said, “Whatever.” and handed him my debit card.

We finally got out of there and went inside. Charlie and I walked over to this breakfast place, ordered croissants and sat down to eat. It was then I took out my boarding pass and realized that my flight was at 1:45 instead of 11:45. I groaned.

“Omg! We’re here sooo early!”

“Well, maybe you can change your flight to an earlier flight, baby.”

We got up and walked over to the Delta ticketing counter and found out that yes I could change my flight but my bag was still going to be on the later flight. Great. My hotel was a 30 minute shuttle from the airport so it wasn’t like I could leave and come back later for it. What a pain. We found a couch and Charlie snuggled up next to me (both of us oblivious of any stares we received) and watched Project Runway on my Kindle. I had purchased a splitter and just happened to have two sets of headphones. Eventually, we were hungry again so I got up and got us some Chinese food and we settled back down to watch. Finally, I had to leave. She walked me over to security and we kissed. Again, oblivious to any stares. I felt a tug at my heart as I watched her walk away while I stood in the security line. I was going to miss her.

My flight was pretty uneventful except for the fact that all the seats behind me contained children and it was like romper room central back there. I thanked Goddess for headphones and settled in to finish watching Project Runway and then Breaking Bad. When we landed in Denver it seemed like we were landing on a prairie in the middle of nowhere. Looking out of the window there didn’t seem to be many trees. I wondered if I had gotten spoiled living in Atlanta – the city in the trees and that every other place seemed bald in comparison. Once off the plane I collected my bag and walked out to the curb to find my shuttle. I was told by some random man to wait on “curb 3”. Sure enough the shuttle pulled up but then I was told by a gruff man driving the shuttle that I should have checked in first inside. “Well, where’s that?”  The man pointed inside and me and another woman from my flight went inside to find it. By the time I had checked in I had missed my earlier shuttle and had to wait another half an hour to leave. So, I just went into a bar and ordered a local brew and called Charlie.

I finally made it to my hotel an hour and ½ later – being the very last person to be dropped off from the shuttle. (I loathe shuttle services now) I was elated to see that my hotel room was a suite and that the bar served complimentary cocktails from 5:30 until 7:30. After plopping my bags in the room I immediately went downstairs to partake. Later, I collapsed in bed and slept fitfully until my alarm went off at 6. I think the altitude got to me that first night – that and sleeping without Charlie.



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