Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s been almost two months since Charlie moved here and the weeks have flown by. Pretty soon we’ll be flying out together to Florida. I was thinking today that I can’t wait to be able to sleep in a little bit with her next Friday before we have to make our flight…………wrong. We both realized that we leave Atlanta at 8:45 a.m. I wondered again why we booked it so early but maybe it was because of price. Or maybe it was because we wanted to start our vacation early. All I know is that I hope all this hurricane madness is over with by the time we get there.

It’s going to seem surreal landing in Orlando again. Orlando seems to be a mile marker of some kind. It’s been almost exactly two months since I landed there to pack her up and make the drive back. It will be almost a year from the date I was there going to and from Key West – the trip that marked the beginning of everything.

Yes, Charlie and I have had feelings for each other ever since this time and it’s grown from there into a blossoming friendship. Even now, together, we are each other’s best friend. I reminisce about that trip as well as look forward to new trips with her.


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