back from the beach

Charlie and I flew to Florida last weekend for her Dad’s 80th birthday party. This would be the first time I met the folks and her kids.

“Are you nervous?”

“No, from what you’ve told me about them they sound cool.”

I was more nervous about her meeting my family than me hers. I mean, my family is a drag. They can take anything that could be fun and turn it into the most dullsville event in history. That reason alone is why we are driving to Indiana so when I reach the limit of my patience [or boredom threshold] I can say, “Oh yeah – we didn’t tell you? We’re leaving in, like, 5 minutes. Have to get back.”

The one thing I think we both have in common is that I noticed her brother tells her about things she should do (this is mostly school and career-wise) whereas my sister does the same thing – mostly about things I should do to my house.

“I see now why you get so frustrated with me when I talk about getting under the house.”

“I see now why you get frustrated with me in talking to you about jobs.”

Which is why our siblings get [the f*ck] on our nerves.

We did have fun with her family while we were there. Her brother and his gf took us out the first night we were there for dinner and afterwards pool. We were in this bar that had pool tables everywhere and a ping pong table in the back that had all these amazing beers on the menu for only $3. I wished that we had a bar like that where we lived.

Her folks were equally fun – in fact, I think they ran circles around us while we were there. After her Dad’s birthday party we all went back to the house and her parents and friends of theirs who followed them back partied on until 2 while Charlie and I crashed.

We went to the beach three of the days we were there. We walked, ran and swam those days. We sat at a bar near on the beach and had beers and listened to some guy play out on the patio.

“This time last year – we were here.”

We got back on Tuesday and we’re both still tired. It was a blast and I wished it hadn’t gone so fast. It was wonderful being in a tropical place with her again.


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