year ago today

This time last year I was just getting back from Key West and was just getting ready to adopt Sadie. Here’s a picture of her then:

I remembered when I got back from Key West I was very depressed. We had all had such a great time down there together and I had had an instant connection with Charlie. At that point I didn’t know when I’d see her again and she was with someone. I didn’t stand a chance in hell in a. seeing her anytime soon and b. her being with me and c. she lived in another state.  After that trip, Charlie and I continued a friendship that began in Key West and blossomed until I saw her again last April.

Last night we sat in the carport drinking beers and listening to the radio and talking about that time. I think both of us are still pinching ourselves over us finally being together. I look forward to waking up with her every day and have never thought twice over her being here with me. It all came so naturally.

Ironically, right after Key West Charlie adopted Bailey. Now here’s a picture of both Sadie and Bailey:

The days go by quickly. I wake up and grudgingly tear myself away from her and get out of bed. I go to work and look forward to when I get home, walk the dogs and wait for her to come home so we can start our evening together. Usually, we make dinner (we’ve been doing that a lot lately.) and sit outside and talk until bedtime. Sometimes we go for a walk before bed. Sometimes we go out and have a beer at the local pizza joint like we did the other night after she helped me landscape. We both sat up at the bar company shirts on with the sleeves torn off, hats on backwards, drinking drafts. The bartender called us by name. Friday nights we play on the same softball team together. Weekends are anything goes depending on if I work.

So, that’s days in the life of Lanie and Charlie – we’ve come a long way in a year, baby!

3 thoughts on “year ago today

  1. sounds so great! i am truly happy for you!

    by the way, my wife & i have decided to move back to the states!!! the thing is, she has to have a job before we move, so if you know of any people or places who want to hire a swedish girl, pleeeease let me know! we really want to come home!


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