dear nutball and the day off

Here’s what I decided to do:

Dear Nutball client,

I’m going to have a lot going on in the next couple of months for the holidays and won’t have the time to keep up the weekly maintenance service. I will, however, be available after Nov 1 for specific jobs – ie – like cutting, trimming, and planting. We can work out pricing per job/per hour as they come up.

That way I don’t have to be tied in to spending an evening a week there and if she does have a bunch of things piled up then I can charge her hourly or per job. Plus, I really doubt the lady is going to want to pay $30/hour to have me pull stupid weeds. She’s going to either have to find someone else to do it or relent to chemical spraying.

I worked this past weekend and was off on Monday. It was luxurious! Charlie and I watched this video on making dog biscuits and decided to run out, get the ingredients and make them.

Back at the house we made the cookies and while they baked I wanted to start putting my bicycle back together. I had ordered all new parts for it and they were all in. It was soon discovered that my handlebars would not fit the stem I bought. This was frustrating as I had already sent back the previous stem because it didn’t fit into my fork. We decided that when the cookies were done that we would take the bars, stem and adapter down to Lil’ 5 points and have Cody look at it. When we walked in he looked at it and said he probably had an adapter that would fit and ten minutes later we walked out with it. After that we decided to have a beer at the Yacht club and then go to the farmers market and get a couple of pieces of salmon to grill for dinner.

That night, Charlie grilled and lit a fire in our pit and we sat out around it after dinner sipping apple cider and maker’s mark – very yummy and could possibly be quite dangerous. If you do that I recommend sprinkling some cinnamon on top as a garnish. Whiskey will also work if you don’t have any makers.


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