This is a short post of snippets:

Snippet 1:

I’ve been pissed all day because when talking to my sister this morning she said when she spoke to our father on the phone that he said he didn’t want us to bring the dogs down to the farm for Thanksgiving. That he didn’t want those dogs near his.

I have always wondered if the man has a undiagnosed condition of Alzheimer’s – that would make entirely too much sense and would somewhat excuse his @ss-holi-ness behavior.

Fine. I didn’t want our dogs near his none vaccinated, trained dogs anyway. And, this way we have an excuse to leave early.

Poor Charlie is going to witness my ill behaved family.

Snippet 2: I will never wear a cardigan old lady sweater – NEVER. I will wear cowboys shirts with snap buttons until the day I die. In fact, bury me in cowboy boots.

Snippet 3: I want to go home but I have a workout with the trainer today. Which is good because I didn’t run yesterday when I should have because I forgot socks and I loathe running without them. It’s because I need to plan ahead and lay out everything the night before instead of fumbling in the dark with the dogs beds in front of my sock drawer makes it impossible to find socks.

Snippet 4: I want the weekend to get here so I feel like I have some TIME to do something.

Sigh. I’m off to work out now. I will leave you pics of those dogs:



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