long weekend

This is my first day back from a long 3-day weekend and the last time off I will have for awhile. Friday, Charlie’s parents came into town for the weekend. That night we went out to downtown Decatur for drinks and dinner. I wanted to take them to the Brickstore pub because of its endless beer list. There we ran into some friends of ours and we all sat around the bar upstairs drinking. Finally, we left to go to dinner but realized it was crowded in every restaurant in the downtown square. We ended up at Iberian pig  – and, although I find the food there very good I also feel its high priced and overrated. Charlie and I split two appetizers but still felt that we hardly had anything to eat despite $20 already spent on a small flatbread and two friggin’ meatballs.

The next day we took the bikes up to the Silver Comet trail and rode 20 miles. Both her parents really love to cycle and enjoyed riding the long distance. Back at the car after riding we had a small lunch that Charlie prepared and packed into the cooler. That night we [again] tried to go out to eat somewhere and were overwhelmed by the crowd and lack of service. Where we ended up at Big Tex where the atmosphere was much better and the food surprisingly was good.

Sunday, we decided to ride our bikes down to the fall festival in our neighborhood. Instead of riding my mountain bike that I did the previous day I grabbed my road bike that I had recently been doing modifications to – which, included new brakes, handlebars, stem and grips. In short, I basically turned it into a hybrid bike with road bike tires. We took off down the street and started down the steep hill.

“Hon, be careful – we just put those brakes on so take it easy.”

“I will, honey. Wow, this thing rides nice!”

We got to the festival, locked our bikes up and started to walk around. It was a small festival and we were able to get through it pretty quick.

“What’s next?” Charlie’s mom.

“We thought we’d go down to Little Five Points and walk around.”

“Hon, should we ride or go home and drop off the bikes?”

“Oh, well we could but there’s quite a few busy roads between here and there. We’d better take the car.”

We started home and as I was peddling up the hill I noticed my handlebars were slightly out of plumb with my front tire. I’ll have to check that when we get home.

Just then the front tire went the opposite way of the tire and I kissed the pavement.

“Hon, what happened? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, my handlebars came loose.”

“Your head almost hit the curb. Let me see if you’re hurt.”

“I just skinned up my knee is all.”

Just then, Charlie’s parents came riding up and heard the whole story.

“I guess it was a good thing we didn’t RIDE to Little Five Points.”

At home, after Charlie cleaned up my knee and put ointment on it I threw put the bike in the back of the truck to drop off and have Cody look at it while we were there. After dropping my and Charlie’s bikes off (we think REI f*cked it up after paying an exorbitant amount of money for a new sprocket and chain) we walked around poking into shops. Later, we decided to pop into one of my favorite little bars down there and have a few drinks.

Monday, her parents left to go back home and Charlie and I ran around doing errands in the morning and the afternoon we took the dogs to Piedmont BPark, our favorite joint and out for tacos (well, they didn’t get any tacos much to their disappointment). We wore them out all the same.








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