TV, darkness and the neighborhood cujo’s

Project Runway is boring the sh*t out of me this season. I’ve followed this show from the very beginning and have been addicted to it until this season. I feel like I’ve seen every.single.version of….everything – evening dresses (it seems that’s all they want to do as designers), Avant –garde (I feel that word is HIGHLY overused) and Couture (again, HIGHLY overused). I’m just bored, bored, bored.

Also, I’m trying to just quit Grey’s Anatomy. How many sad, sad, shows can we stomach, really? The only thing that’s holding me this season is the plane crash. What really gets on my nerves with the show is something sad is happening and there’s some dupey song playing in the background. I cannot stand Merideth’s character anymore – I’m tired of her b*tching at Christina that she’s her person and I’ve thought Derrick was a pompass @ss for several seasons. So, time to cut the cord.

I’m finding myself more drawn to the dark side. I’m watching Breaking Bad with Charlie while she catches up (I’ve already blown through season 5) and I don’t mind watching them again.

We’re watching The Walking Dead and I’m reading the comic book volumes and am waaaaay ahead of the series. Like Grey’s I want to quit those. I’m finding that I’ve lost the element of surprise watching the series on TV since I already know what’s going to happen from reading the books. Has anyone read the comic book volumes? If you have, do you agree that they’re dark, dark, dark? I won’t go in to any spoilers (and, if you comment please no spoilers) but, goodness, I cannot imagine some of that stuff actually making it to TV.

I’m also catching Charlie up on Dexter. Again, I’ve blown through the last season and I don’t mind watching them again. I do have to say that it’s a toss-up between Season 1 and Season 4 that are my favorite so far.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other series that we might like in addition?

Aside from the shows above and having an occasional football game on we don’t have cable -just an antennae on both TV’s. We rarely have the TV on at night unless it’s to watch a Netflix. Most of the time if we’re at home in the evenings we’re making dinner, talking or something else. Which, last night we were in the middle of and heard someone yell “Go away, go away, go away!” along with a dog growling – like someone was being attacked. We both stopped and looked out the window. My blood ran a little cold. One of the scariest books I have ever read back when I was a teenager was The Pack by David Fisher. This was waaay before Stephen King’s Cujo. We have had a pack of wild dogs running around our neighborhood for quite some time. Every time they are spotted the city commissioner sends out an email saying where and when they were spotted. They’ve killed almost all the indoor/outdoor cats on the street and as far as I know they haven’t been trapped yet. I saw my neighbor move through their window (faces our bedroom window and it’s not lost on me that they probably hear us – I hope reflect that maybe it’s good for their sex life) and then go outside walking down the street looking for the person who was yelling. I shivered, there was no way I was going out there to get appendages – real or fake – bitten off. Eventually, we – ahm- went back to what we were doing but I couldn’t help but wonder if we were going to get an email the next day about the dogs or if it was just a Halloween hoax.


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