just been busy

I know I haven’t been keeping up very well lately with writing. Charlie asked me why I don’t write as much as I used to.

“It’s because I’m too busy living my life with you.”

“That’s a good answer. I like that.”

I think when you’re happy in a relationship that there’s less drama to write about as well. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I burned out over Lee drama, too. Who, I might add (I hope I’m not knocking on wood here) has left me alone for awhile now. I think she knows I’m with Charlie and knows to stay away.

Plus, Charlie and I have had busy schedules lately. Not only with me working but we also had a dirt bike class together, had her folks in town visiting, gone out with Bird and her gf and met Alana several times for beers at our favorite joint. I know some people who haven’t seen much of us think we’ve gone in to honeymoon hiding but that’s not really true. We just haven’t seen them. But, what if we did?

I know that we make some people ill with our mushy posts to each other on FB but I don’t care they can just unfriend me or stop subscribing to my posts. I realize it’s hard for some to be happy for us – whether it’s because they’re in a bad place or not in love but it’s really their thing not mine.

I’m just keeping on with keeping on and things are great right now!


2 thoughts on “just been busy

  1. I am finding that I am not writing as much as I used too because of my new relationship….then again I had kinda fallen off the writing wagon.

    I am so happy that things are going great with you two. You deserve this!


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