new year, less b.s.

I had a good weekend teaching but I’m really p*ssed at my boss over there. Charlie’s heard an earful of it the past two days. Anyway, it’s because they docked me $80 in pay because I didn’t work Friday night – which, they have never done before. It just happened and they said, “Oh, yeah – no $80 for you.” My thing is if I knew it was going to be an $80 problem then I would have made better arrangements to work on Friday. But, when I originally asked if it would be ok if I had that night off they said, “Sure.” But nothing about docking my pay.


We work out @sses off for that place. We work in the rain, when it’s cold, we pick crying people up off the pavement, we fix motorcycles, we clean up after ourselves after teaching a class and expect no extra pay when we work late or get in early. But, more and more they find ways to screw us out of money. I’m just so done with that place. In 2013 it will be ten years that I have been teaching for them and I’d really like to retire. Or tell them to stick it.

So, yeah – I’m going to think of ways to be done with them. I’ve already cut out the crazy organic gardener woman and haven’t missed it at all. In fact, it’s been such a relief not worrying about going over there every week and pulling weeds.

I want more time for the great things in life and things that I love:

  • Being with Charlie
  • Sleeping in on the weekend and having coffee with Charlie
  • Riding bikes – both motorized and pedal
  • Long walks with the dogs and Charlie
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Playing guitar
  • Writing
  • Watching movies (which, I almost never do)

And, many more.

So, in 2013 my goal is to have more time for the important things in life – not pulling weeds or motorcycle b.s.



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