It is the month of Thanksgiving and I need to remember/revisit all the things that I am thankful for:

Charlie – I am so happy to have her in my life! I love coming home to her everyday or seeing her pull up in her car getting home from work. I love waking up every morning next to her (but, sometimes with a dog wedged between us – like this morning) I love everything about us. Normally I dread the holidays because I typically spend them alone or am invited over to friends houses but not this year. I’m looking forward to sharing all that with her.

The dogs – I never thought I’d be a decent dog owner or when I did decide to be a dog owner I worried that I would have the worst dog ever. That it would chew everything, pee and poop on the floor all the time, destroy all my shoes and bark incessantly. Although, Sadie’s done some of that she’s pretty much a good dog (except today she tried to steal a slice of pizza out of the trash much to Charlie’s chagrin). I love having two dogs now – both Bailey and Sadie love each other so much and it seems so much easier and nicer to have two dogs than one, lonely one.

My job – The job I had before the one I have now was miserable. Yeah, I made more money and wasn’t quite so dependent on teaching and earning an extra income but my boss there was a total d*ck. He would call me every day on my company phone and yell at me about something. He was a fat, white, good-ol boy who discriminated against me because I was a female and lesbian. I also worked on a construction site where my office was in a dirty job trailer with no heat or air conditioning. I was constantly in the elements every day monitoring construction. I always came home dirty and needed a shower the minute I walked through the door. My commute was 45-1 hour one way. So yeah, I am so thankful for the job I have now and…..that old boss better hope he never runs in to me in a dark alley one day.

My health – I’m thankful that I can still run 5 miles for someone my age. (although, I haven’t ran that far for a few weeks now) and work out with a trainer twice a week without being crippled.

The house – that Charlie and I have a wonderful place to live and plenty of room.

Friends – old and new.

And…..last but not least……..

This f*cking election season being over after today so we can quit f-ing talking about it.






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