Christmas chex

Well, we made it through Christmas although, this year was waaaaay better than last year, way better having Charlie by my side. The weekend leading up to Christmas Charlie and I ran around doing errands, grocery shopping and finishing up odds and ends. Sunday we went to church and later to an afternoon party. This crazy friend of mine has a party every year. (Seriously I call her crazy-MaryJ) Normally, it’s a fun, kooky kind of party. She has food, there’s a lot of funky people there and later she orchestrates a play in the back yard. This year’s theme was “bring the dogs” since she’d just rescued a pit bull, Clementine. So, Charlie and I wrapped green scarves around the dogs and took them. We had also brought some homemade cookies for Clem.

We pulled up at the house, “You sure this is it? There’s only two cars.”

“Yep, this is it.”

We walked up and immediately were snarled at by a boxer on the front porch. “Oh, sorry, he’s a bit -“ lady trying to hold back her dog from coming through the screen at us.

“That’s ok, we’ll just keep our dogs on leashes” and away – far away from your snarling animal I wanted to say

Finally, the lady took the dog home after he lunged at Bailey and almost took a hunk out of her neck. Honestly, why do people bring mean dogs to a party? After she left one of the [few] guest said, “I’m glad he’s gone – he bit me right when I got here.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, he bit me right here on the leg.”

Just then, hippy dippy walks up. I groaned inwardly. “Hi, nice to see you again.” I lied as I hugged her. “You remember Charlie?”

“Oh, yes – at jazz. You were all snugged up.” she said putting her hands together.

“Well, we’re still ‘snugged up” Charlie replied a tinge sarcastically and I almost spit my beer out laughing. “Hon, can I fill your beer?”

Crazy MaryJ kept saying “I need to get some music on out here.” we were standing in the back yard.

“She’s said that three times.”

“I know, I think she’s high.”

I walked over to MaryJ and helped her with this sign that she was creating for the play. I still hadn’t decided whether or not we would stay for the play and it wasn’t looking good.

“So, what’s been keeping you busy these days?”

“Oh, I’m going through a major life change. MAJOR.”

I’ve known MJ for years and every year this time she says that. (maybe even every time I see her) There was the year at her party that she was dating a man that we were all mystified over – mainly because he was gayer than her. The years she dated this really gnarly woman who we all thought was a drug dealer. Who had just clumped up the steps of the deck and grabbed a handful of crackers just then.

“I mean, it’s been all I can do to keep it together.”

Not wanting to get into a major therapy session just then I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. But you have a new dog.” nodding to her sweet little pit playing with Sadie. Sadie would run one way around a shrub and the pit the other. It was like they were playing peekaboo.

“Oh, it’s been major work having her. It’s been hell, actually.”

I was surprised because her dog seemed so nice, calm, easy going – more so than Sadie ever was and she’d never been ‘hell’. I shrugged and tried to back away slowly. Thankfully, Charlie took my hand and I turned my attention to her – who had been backed into a corner by hippy dippy talking about art, how she’s been sick the past month and has resorted to naturalistic healing. I was getting tired of the inner eye roll.

“Let’s get out of here.” I whispered to Charlie.

“How? It would look weird if we left.”

“No it won’t – we’ll just say we have another engagement to go to.”

Which, we did. We took off with the dogs and just as we were walking out I noticed that Sadie’s ear had busted open again and was bleeding. Great. More bandages and duck tape.


Christmas Eve we had breakfast, took the dogs on walks and then went over to Ellen’s for dinner that night.That day we exchanged our gifts. I got a locking gas cap for my Triumph and a Green Bay hitch cover for my truck. She got Jason Aldean concert tickets and misc other things.

Christmas day we woke up, made coffee, took the dogs on the long walk loop and then ate quiche. We had cabin fever and went to return some movies and over to Opie’s house to drop off some dog cookies we baked that day.Most of the dog cookies were a hit save for a few anonnying people who became M.I.A. during the holidays. I felt bad that we didn’t make any for Opie’s dogs so yesterday we baked some and ran them over to her.


She has a dog that is paralyzed from the waist down and two other dogs. We sat there for awhile, drank wine and talked. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile. Then, later I was ready to go home and make dinner.


Charlie and I have been cooking a lot over the holiday. Monday we baked four quiches to throw in the freezer for when her family comes the weekend before New Years. (which, thinking about this now we aren’t half as prepared as I originally thought) Yesterday, we baked an extra quiche that we’d made, dog cookies and that night we made an eggplant dish that we kind of whipped up on the fly. It turned out to be really good!

So, on to New Years Eve which we’ll be hosting a party at the house. We have no idea who will be coming, how many will show etc. Guess those evites are only good for seeing who else is invited to the party. Either way it will be fun! I have several growlers that I’m filling up for the party and we’re going to have food as well. I only hope the weather is good as it’s been raining here the past couple of days – although, not complaining since I know several are in the midst of a blizzard right now.



mixed bag friday

Week one of my workout/diet/non-drinking beer @ss is over. I do feel a little tighter but after getting on the scales today I sighed – still the same weight. I know it takes a few weeks to get your body into the groove. This I know from experience. I made it so my easiest workout was today and went to the gym an hour earlier than I normally do in hopes of certain annoying people not being in there, which, turned out to be a good idea.

I’m back in the office now and it’s very low-key today. We have a conference table in the middle of the room and our supply sergeant, contract lieutenant and another guy in my department are around it joking around as I sit here and write this. I don’t mind – they’re having fun and not bothering me. The supply sergeant is complaining about why she can’t meet any decent men. The last guy she dated she said was unemployed [for a very long time]. She’s African American and wants to date a Caucasian man. The guy I work with [married Caucasian] tells her she needs to come up to the burbs [where we work] to meet men and get out of [the hood] she lives. She thinks she’s going to meet a guy at church but I don’t agree. If she hasn’t found someone doing what she’s doing then she needs to try something else. Go somewhere else. Join some other groups. Get a hobby, take a class, have some sort of interest that tends to bring people together.

See, I tend to write about whatever’s going on around me – I’m like a sponge that way.

I have to work this weekend. I haven’t taught since – looking at my calendar – the middle of November before Thanksgiving. Right now I’m enjoying every moment I have with Charlie. Last weekend was so busy going to that party, getting the tree, cooking, etc. I thought I was getting quite spoiled not working the weekends. That’s the problem– I take off time and I get used to it and I don’t want to go back to working the weekends.

Plus, I’m working with my ex buddy K and I’m a bit p*ssed at him. He’s blown me off the last 4-5 times we’ve supposed to get together. I’m not going to let on that it’s a big deal, though. I’m waiting for him to ask me if I want to go have a drink after class either tonight or tomorrow night and I’m going to say, “Naw, I need to get home.”  Too bad, you’ve had your chance. Plus, ever since our friend, Richard left he says he knows nothing about it but I know he knows something that he won’t tell me. Fine. I guess we weren’t that close after all. If he wants to act like everything’s a big secret then ok but I’ve decided that I don’t care. I’m not even going to ask.

And, I’m sad for Charlie today. She has been busting her @ss to try to get in to school and today she went down there for orientation and wasted the whole morning only to find out that she can’t get in because the program’s full. I think this is major b.s. and my fingers are itching to call the dean and say, “I just can’t believe that you’re turning people away in this economy!”  So, yeah – I’m a little fired up. My girl’s upset and I want to go down there and talk to someone. But, I don’t want to burn that bridge for her just in case she can get in next semester – which, I hope she can for her sake.

I was reading this blog back at the same time last year and I saw that my cat died around this time of year. Charlie and I were just talking about him last night while we were walking the dogs. I read on from December to March and realized that things were pretty sucky then. My cat died, I was subjected to creepy girls including the ex and being trapped in a lodge with my sister over the holiday, . Yeah, it sucked and it didn’t get better until April – when Charlie came up. I’m so thankful that I have her to share this Christmas with. I have her to thank for that. No more sucky-@ss Christmas and New Years. No more sucky-@ss winter doldrums.

I love you, baby!


restroom/locker room wars

It’s been one of those weeks.
I guess I got spoiled last week being out of town where I only had to be responsible for getting to meetings and answering emails while out of the office. This week my big boss has been a rag to say the least and it’s thrown everyone else into a mood. Even my immediate boss who is normally so laid back and easy going has barked out a few words of dissatisfaction.
Plus, I’ve been a rag moody as well – because I’m on the rag its that time of the month. When this happens I crave [more than normally] privacy in public  restrooms, the locker room etc. See, I have this thing about people I work with and even strangers, etc HEARING me in the restroom or SEEING me naked in the locker room. I’m really a freak weird about it.

In the afternoons I typically go to the gym between 1:30 – 2:00. (I get an hour a day of PT time) But, it never fails when I pick up my gym bag to go into the restroom to change the cleaning people have the door propped open cleaning it. They will start cleaning it around the same time I go to change and clean it alllll afternoon. I mean, they’re thorough, I give them that. But, come on. Is it necessary to keep the door propped open all afternoon to sweep, mop and wipe things down? This is only a 3 stall restroom, peeps? It pisses me off so I invariably sigh and storm off to the gym locker room to change– like yesterday.
I ran into the gym I and went into the locker room upstairs to change and I was no more starting to get naked when this one woman walked in. Just know I hate changing in front of complete strangers. I will even go change in a stall before I get undressed in front of at stranger. This woman had talked to me the previous day. I had gone in there just to grab my gym bag, put my sweatpants on over my workout shorts and go and she came out of the shower and started talking to me while she was drying off about how cold it was in there.

I’m looking at the ceiling tiles while I’m pulling on my sweats, “Yeah, the one downstairs is much warmer because the sauna is down there. Use that one.”


Thinking: so I can use this one and have it to myself.
“That’s a good idea. Thanks!”
She didn’t know that one of the reasons I didn’t use the downstairs one is because that same time of day there’s a very dyky woman down there taking a shower and hogging the whole back part of the locker room getting dressed and combing what’s little of her short hair.
Here’s another thing – I loathe that knowing stare some people give you saying, “Yeah, I’m gay, too.” Even more so when they’re very butch and assume I would even be remotely interested in knowing they existed simply because my hair is longer than theirs. I want to say, “No we’re cut from the same cloth and the chain on my wallet is longer than yours so bug off.”
Anyway, I figured hey, this woman likes to talk to other people while she’s naked then she won’t mind the naked dyke downstairs. They can sit in there and talk naked all day long while I can dress in peace upstairs.
Well, just as I’m pulling on my shorts she comes in and says “I’m moving downstairs.”
Good, I thought. I went into the stall to finish changing and realized that I needed a tampon. Great. So, I sat in there and waited for her to leave so I could get one out of my bag. No dice. She’s taking FOREVER to get her shit out of her locker to take downstairs. I finally stormed out and decided to just do a couple of sets and then go back in. So, I do a couple of sets and I’m leaking so I really need to go back into the locker room. I sigh and set the weights down, go in and just as I’m grabbing a tampon a woman who works at the gym comes in to CLEAN!
Normally, her and I chit chat when I’m signing in at the front desk. She’s straight, I get no weird vibe off her and she’s always polite and professional. This day I just glared at her and walked out going downstairs to change my tampon in peace – and, you know what’s going to happen next, right ?
Yes, BOTH the women I mentioned before were down there! I was defeated [and really leaking] at this point so I just pulled on my headphones and went into the stall. At least if I couldn’t hear myself changing my tampon maybe I could pretend they didn’t hear either.
I just can’t win some days.

Holiday chex mix

Charlie and I put up our first Christmas tree this past weekend and decorated it last night. The dogs were looking at us like “What are they doing?” They really didn’t pay that much attention to the tree and I hope that remains. Just in case, I situated the glass ornaments towards the top part of the tree and the unbreakable ones towards the bottom. We both hung ornaments we wanted on the tree after stringing chili pepper lights around it. (She’s much better at stringing lights than I) It’s nice having our first tree/first Christmas together! I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks being over with to take time off and celebrate.
Sadie’s had a problem with her ear lately in that she has a place on the tip that won’t heel. Every time a scab develops she shakes her head, knocking it off and scattering blood all over the room much to Charlie’s alarm. For awhile, we had a bandage on it covered with duck tape but knew that this wasn’t going to be the long term heeling solution as the ear needed air. So, Charlie took her to the vet yesterday and this is the end result:


We have to change the bandages tomorrow and I can only hope it stays on. Charlie improvised a little by adding the additional tape on the front by her eyes and wrote “sexy beast” on it. (the existing duck tape had hearts drawn on it) So, poor thing has to wear this until her ear heels which I don’t know when that will be.
Yesterday, I met with my trainer for measurements and both my weight and waistline have increased much to my alarm chagrin. I realize that I’m now at the age where I can’t get away with drinking a case few beers still working out and not gain weight. My trainer is convinced that I need at least 45 minutes of cardio a day in order to burn it all off. I do agree with her – however, I have some ideas about that. One – that’s 45 minutes a day if I still keep drinking (pushing 300 extra calories a night – which, is either 3 miller lights or one dark beer – yeah, they have that many calories). My problem with this is that by the time I get to day 4 or Thursday of the week I’m worn out. My joints hurt from doing all that running on the treadmill and I’m burned out. Typically, I can’t make myself work out on Friday and the only exercise I get on the weekend is walking the dogs. I realize that this current regimen is not working for me. I might as well not even work out those 4 days a week because at this point I’m either maintaining and/or still gaining weight.
Back in 2002 I was slowly approaching an even larger waistline than I have now. My sister was on one of her kicks that I half listened to on the phone. Historically, she is typically on some kick that I have to hear about a thousand number of times before she goes on to something else. (Right now it’s a mandolin slicer – she thinks Charlie and I need one since we’ve been drying sweet potatoes in the dehydrator for the dogs. I’ve assured her several times that, NO we do not need this as we slice them thick and they still turned out f*cking fine thin and crunchy. Several times, several times.) This one time it proved to be useful happened to be Body for Life. I was like “Yeah, yeah.” on the phone until she came to visit, got off the plane and I saw that she was a size 8. (she was approaching a size 16 before that.) That got my attention. So, I started doing it and went from a size 10 to a 4. That’s what I’m going to try to do again. At least try to drop ten pounds -a small goal to start out with but realistic, I think. And, yes, I need to cut my beer consumption. Typically, I drink 1-2 beers a night. Last night I told Charlie I was seeking “alternative beverages”. I drank water, tea and decaf coffee instead. As far as the diet goes, Charlie and I eat really well already. We’re both salad addicts and typically grill a protein and have veggies. If anything, I think I could use a little more protein but I have some vanilla soy whey in the cabinet already that I like to make milkshakes with.
In the meantime, I’m still going to work out with my trainer (We’re losing her the end of January and I want to utilize as many workouts as possible with her until then) but I’m going to start doing the 20 minute cardio sessions like in the BFL program on the non-weight training days and up the protein and drop the beer -at least until New Years Eve.
New Years Eve
I know you’re all asking if this is my New Years resolution but it’s not. This year instead of making resolutions on all the things I want/need to do I’m going to do the opposite. I’m putting out a list of all the things I’m not going to do in 2013 –stay tuned for that.
Charlie’s family is coming just after Christmas and staying through New Years. We’ve Charlie’s been preparing the house for all the company. While I was away on that work trip last week she painted my office. It looks really nice but I still need the finish organizing it.
Things in general that I love and am grateful for
Charlie – I love being with her, am grateful I found her and cannot wait to share the holidays with her and her family.
The dogs – they are constant love and entertainment.
Kindle – a wonderful discovery.
Coffee – since I can’t have booze anymore then coffee is the next best thing.
The Christmas tree – because it’s so pretty and our first.
Friends, family and my job.
Happy Holidays! What about you? Does anyone have a sibling that drives them nuts? Or trying a new workout/diet regimen? Christmas in general stuff? What’s your plans for Christmas & New Years Eve?

I’m on Tybee b*tch

I’ve been out of town for work all week stationed at a military base in South Georgia. I’ve been staying in an apartment that they furnished for me since Tuesday. Mine is the only one with a screened in porch.
Since I’ve been here I’ve been running a lot. When the soldiers run by in the mornings chanting it gets me motivated to go do something. Yesterday, I didn’t have to be in my meetings until after lunch so I got up at 5, threw on my running clothes and headed out to Tybee Island to watch the sunrise and run.

It’s a haul out there from where I am and I had to navigate it in the dark. City people don’t realize how dark it really is until they get out into the country with no lights except for the ones on your car. I was driving a Dodge Avenger which has a lot of kick to it. (And, is very dirty with sand and popcorn on the floorboards) Finally, I made a familiar turn and as it started to get lighter outside. As I crossed over the intercostal waterway I rolled down the windows and sucked in the salt air.

Once on the island I parked at my favorite little burger shack (which, was closed) and ran towards the pier. The run would have been downright perfect had I not forgotten to bring a hat and my hair blew in my eyes all the way out because I had the wind to my back. On the way back I was running into the wind. This is always the way it is when I run on the island. I try to get in a run there at least once a year when I happen to be in the area. I always allow for more time to get back because of facing the wind.
After the run, I pulled on a dry shirt in the parking lot and headed to The Breakfast Club. Since it was off season and early I got a booth right away. During the season one has to get there very early if they even hope to make it through the door. I ordered a breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage and coffee. The server even made a smiley face in my scoop of sour cream with jalapeno’s and olives. Next, I headed for one of my favorite stores which, was closed. I had no time to wait around for it to open so I went to my next favorite and bought a hat and a shot glass. The shot glass made me laugh it said, “I’m on Tybee bitch”.

Back at the apartment I had just enough time to shower and head out to my meeting. I wouldn’t be going back to the island the next day as I would be driving back to Atlanta and wouldn’t savor an extra two hour drive there and back. Great memories, though.

IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1683 IMG_1685

fly by night fish

Two of the woman I saw at a wedding this weekend –I’ll say friends loosely – live down the street and have their house on the market. I mentioned that I saw the for sale sign. They said they’re desperate to stay at their lake house full time and want to sell it. Last summer they had asked me to give them a bid on cutting the grass and trimming the shrubs for them. Afterwards I heard nothing from them – no ‘thanks for the bid but we’re going with someone else’ nothing. Honestly, in hindsight it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t take on their property because they can be very unreliable and I fear they would be kooky like my kooky organic gardener lady was (who I don’t miss pulling weeds every week at her property).

Meantime, you remember my friend Alana that always blows me off when she gets together with other friends? That it used to drive me really crazy until I decided to hell with it that she was just a one-drink-every-once-in-awhile-at-the-pub-up-the-street- friend? I mean, there are bigger fish to fry than fly by night fish – er friends. Right?

Well, Alana and her gf want to buy that house up the street. Alana said that they like it because it has a pool and want to move to a better neighborhood.

“I can just see it now. They move up the street and I constantly get these fake ‘you should come swim at the pool sometime’ invitations but never following through.”

“I don’t get that, hon. I mean, every time we go to our favorite joint you ask her to join us. It’s not like she’s dripping invitations to us.”

“I know.”

“I know you said you’re bigger than that but come on. There has to be a reason why.”

“I don’t know, Charlie. I’ve talked to her several times about it. I even asked her once if Meagan [her partner] was still holding a grudge over a disagreement we had over ten years ago and she said no. All she said was that they like to hang with this group of girls because they’re all neighbors in the same ‘hood.”

“Well, what happens now if they move up the street? Will we be the new friends in the ‘hood they do everything with?”

“I doubt it. It will be the same group of girls from their old hood and I’ll just keep getting these fake ‘you should come to the pool sometime’ invites that they never follow through on.”

“Well, you need to move past it.”

“I know, I do. I’m just going to let the ‘you should come swim’ comments slide on by and just expect that we’ll never get a real invitation.”

It sucks but it’s what I have to do. Secretly, I hope they don’t move up the street because I don’t want to be bothered by it.

Oh, and the women who are selling the house asked me to go over and water the pansies for them. I’m getting nothing out of the house deal but yet I’m taking the high road.

Am I too nice or do I just expect too much?