I’m on Tybee b*tch

I’ve been out of town for work all week stationed at a military base in South Georgia. I’ve been staying in an apartment that they furnished for me since Tuesday. Mine is the only one with a screened in porch.
Since I’ve been here I’ve been running a lot. When the soldiers run by in the mornings chanting it gets me motivated to go do something. Yesterday, I didn’t have to be in my meetings until after lunch so I got up at 5, threw on my running clothes and headed out to Tybee Island to watch the sunrise and run.

It’s a haul out there from where I am and I had to navigate it in the dark. City people don’t realize how dark it really is until they get out into the country with no lights except for the ones on your car. I was driving a Dodge Avenger which has a lot of kick to it. (And, is very dirty with sand and popcorn on the floorboards) Finally, I made a familiar turn and as it started to get lighter outside. As I crossed over the intercostal waterway I rolled down the windows and sucked in the salt air.

Once on the island I parked at my favorite little burger shack (which, was closed) and ran towards the pier. The run would have been downright perfect had I not forgotten to bring a hat and my hair blew in my eyes all the way out because I had the wind to my back. On the way back I was running into the wind. This is always the way it is when I run on the island. I try to get in a run there at least once a year when I happen to be in the area. I always allow for more time to get back because of facing the wind.
After the run, I pulled on a dry shirt in the parking lot and headed to The Breakfast Club. Since it was off season and early I got a booth right away. During the season one has to get there very early if they even hope to make it through the door. I ordered a breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage and coffee. The server even made a smiley face in my scoop of sour cream with jalapeno’s and olives. Next, I headed for one of my favorite stores which, was closed. I had no time to wait around for it to open so I went to my next favorite and bought a hat and a shot glass. The shot glass made me laugh it said, “I’m on Tybee bitch”.

Back at the apartment I had just enough time to shower and head out to my meeting. I wouldn’t be going back to the island the next day as I would be driving back to Atlanta and wouldn’t savor an extra two hour drive there and back. Great memories, though.

IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1683 IMG_1685


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