restroom/locker room wars

It’s been one of those weeks.
I guess I got spoiled last week being out of town where I only had to be responsible for getting to meetings and answering emails while out of the office. This week my big boss has been a rag to say the least and it’s thrown everyone else into a mood. Even my immediate boss who is normally so laid back and easy going has barked out a few words of dissatisfaction.
Plus, I’ve been a rag moody as well – because I’m on the rag its that time of the month. When this happens I crave [more than normally] privacy in public  restrooms, the locker room etc. See, I have this thing about people I work with and even strangers, etc HEARING me in the restroom or SEEING me naked in the locker room. I’m really a freak weird about it.

In the afternoons I typically go to the gym between 1:30 – 2:00. (I get an hour a day of PT time) But, it never fails when I pick up my gym bag to go into the restroom to change the cleaning people have the door propped open cleaning it. They will start cleaning it around the same time I go to change and clean it alllll afternoon. I mean, they’re thorough, I give them that. But, come on. Is it necessary to keep the door propped open all afternoon to sweep, mop and wipe things down? This is only a 3 stall restroom, peeps? It pisses me off so I invariably sigh and storm off to the gym locker room to change– like yesterday.
I ran into the gym I and went into the locker room upstairs to change and I was no more starting to get naked when this one woman walked in. Just know I hate changing in front of complete strangers. I will even go change in a stall before I get undressed in front of at stranger. This woman had talked to me the previous day. I had gone in there just to grab my gym bag, put my sweatpants on over my workout shorts and go and she came out of the shower and started talking to me while she was drying off about how cold it was in there.

I’m looking at the ceiling tiles while I’m pulling on my sweats, “Yeah, the one downstairs is much warmer because the sauna is down there. Use that one.”


Thinking: so I can use this one and have it to myself.
“That’s a good idea. Thanks!”
She didn’t know that one of the reasons I didn’t use the downstairs one is because that same time of day there’s a very dyky woman down there taking a shower and hogging the whole back part of the locker room getting dressed and combing what’s little of her short hair.
Here’s another thing – I loathe that knowing stare some people give you saying, “Yeah, I’m gay, too.” Even more so when they’re very butch and assume I would even be remotely interested in knowing they existed simply because my hair is longer than theirs. I want to say, “No we’re cut from the same cloth and the chain on my wallet is longer than yours so bug off.”
Anyway, I figured hey, this woman likes to talk to other people while she’s naked then she won’t mind the naked dyke downstairs. They can sit in there and talk naked all day long while I can dress in peace upstairs.
Well, just as I’m pulling on my shorts she comes in and says “I’m moving downstairs.”
Good, I thought. I went into the stall to finish changing and realized that I needed a tampon. Great. So, I sat in there and waited for her to leave so I could get one out of my bag. No dice. She’s taking FOREVER to get her shit out of her locker to take downstairs. I finally stormed out and decided to just do a couple of sets and then go back in. So, I do a couple of sets and I’m leaking so I really need to go back into the locker room. I sigh and set the weights down, go in and just as I’m grabbing a tampon a woman who works at the gym comes in to CLEAN!
Normally, her and I chit chat when I’m signing in at the front desk. She’s straight, I get no weird vibe off her and she’s always polite and professional. This day I just glared at her and walked out going downstairs to change my tampon in peace – and, you know what’s going to happen next, right ?
Yes, BOTH the women I mentioned before were down there! I was defeated [and really leaking] at this point so I just pulled on my headphones and went into the stall. At least if I couldn’t hear myself changing my tampon maybe I could pretend they didn’t hear either.
I just can’t win some days.


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