mixed bag friday

Week one of my workout/diet/non-drinking beer @ss is over. I do feel a little tighter but after getting on the scales today I sighed – still the same weight. I know it takes a few weeks to get your body into the groove. This I know from experience. I made it so my easiest workout was today and went to the gym an hour earlier than I normally do in hopes of certain annoying people not being in there, which, turned out to be a good idea.

I’m back in the office now and it’s very low-key today. We have a conference table in the middle of the room and our supply sergeant, contract lieutenant and another guy in my department are around it joking around as I sit here and write this. I don’t mind – they’re having fun and not bothering me. The supply sergeant is complaining about why she can’t meet any decent men. The last guy she dated she said was unemployed [for a very long time]. She’s African American and wants to date a Caucasian man. The guy I work with [married Caucasian] tells her she needs to come up to the burbs [where we work] to meet men and get out of [the hood] she lives. She thinks she’s going to meet a guy at church but I don’t agree. If she hasn’t found someone doing what she’s doing then she needs to try something else. Go somewhere else. Join some other groups. Get a hobby, take a class, have some sort of interest that tends to bring people together.

See, I tend to write about whatever’s going on around me – I’m like a sponge that way.

I have to work this weekend. I haven’t taught since – looking at my calendar – the middle of November before Thanksgiving. Right now I’m enjoying every moment I have with Charlie. Last weekend was so busy going to that party, getting the tree, cooking, etc. I thought I was getting quite spoiled not working the weekends. That’s the problem– I take off time and I get used to it and I don’t want to go back to working the weekends.

Plus, I’m working with my ex buddy K and I’m a bit p*ssed at him. He’s blown me off the last 4-5 times we’ve supposed to get together. I’m not going to let on that it’s a big deal, though. I’m waiting for him to ask me if I want to go have a drink after class either tonight or tomorrow night and I’m going to say, “Naw, I need to get home.”  Too bad, you’ve had your chance. Plus, ever since our friend, Richard left he says he knows nothing about it but I know he knows something that he won’t tell me. Fine. I guess we weren’t that close after all. If he wants to act like everything’s a big secret then ok but I’ve decided that I don’t care. I’m not even going to ask.

And, I’m sad for Charlie today. She has been busting her @ss to try to get in to school and today she went down there for orientation and wasted the whole morning only to find out that she can’t get in because the program’s full. I think this is major b.s. and my fingers are itching to call the dean and say, “I just can’t believe that you’re turning people away in this economy!”  So, yeah – I’m a little fired up. My girl’s upset and I want to go down there and talk to someone. But, I don’t want to burn that bridge for her just in case she can get in next semester – which, I hope she can for her sake.

I was reading this blog back at the same time last year and I saw that my cat died around this time of year. Charlie and I were just talking about him last night while we were walking the dogs. I read on from December to March and realized that things were pretty sucky then. My cat died, I was subjected to creepy girls including the ex and being trapped in a lodge with my sister over the holiday, . Yeah, it sucked and it didn’t get better until April – when Charlie came up. I’m so thankful that I have her to share this Christmas with. I have her to thank for that. No more sucky-@ss Christmas and New Years. No more sucky-@ss winter doldrums.

I love you, baby!


One thought on “mixed bag friday

  1. Thank you baby..that means everything to me! You have been nothing less than a rock for me..for us…you are an amazing woman..an I’m so blessed to have you in my life…an I don’t want to sound all mushy an what not to the other people reading this…but I have to say how lucky I feel that God or fate..or just both brought you into my life…you truely complete me. Je taime baby


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