1st post of the year

Well, I’m back! I had a really good vacation with Charlie and her family! The only disappointing thing was our New Years Eve party attendance. We had sent out an Evite right after Thanksgiving. We had said to please RSVP by a certain date because we were providing food and some drink and needed a headcount. I again, had to send out another reminder right before because we still had several people on the list that hadn’t replied to the invite. Before the party we had about 10 people confirm. That was good because with the 10 plus us and Charlie’s family that would be a good size attendance.

The night of the party 0nly two people showed up  – one was even a “maybe” on the invite because she didn’t get off work that night until 8 and had to be back at work at 4 a.m. (she’s medical field). The other two were Ellen and Louise. We all had a good time, don’t get me wrong – but, attendance was a pisser. I realize things come up – like two of our guests (a couple) experienced a loss over the holidays as well as our neighbor lost his dog. But, the other people who confirmed and said later at another party Ellen attended before she came to our house, “Yeah, tell them we’re sorry we didn’t make it. It’s just too far.” And the ones who never acknowledged the Evite in the first place –

-f*ck them.

They’re not getting invited again. I can’t believe people just don’t have the consideration. But, that was one of my problems of 2012. Worrying about people’s sh*t or expecting anything too much from people. Which, brings me to some of my 2013 resolutions –  the things I’m am and not going to do in 2013:


  1. Worry about other people’s sh*t.
  2. Or try to make plans around them. From now on I will say, “Charlie and I will be here” or “there at this time. Come by. Or not. What-the-f*ck-ever.”
  3. Never again will I send out an Evite. If we have a get-together it will be by word of mouth only and it will be casual like “bring something for the grill and what you want to drink. If we see ya, we see ya!”
  4. Let some friendships go that have been driving me crazy. Maybe it’s time to move on and make room for new ones.


  1. Ride motorcycles more
  2. Explore new groups – musicians, artists and friendships
  3. Play guitar
  4. Read more books
  5. Fish the Chattahoochie River
  6. Camp more – it would be nice if Charlie and I could go one weekend a month starting in March. (Especially, if we can scrape together enough $$ to buy a pop-up trailer)
  7. Worry less about anything
  8. Write more
  9. Drink less alcohol and more water
  10. Go on more dates with Charlie

So, that’s mine in a pop-up, I mean, snapshot. What’s yours?




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