[non] space

“I just need to get away from her sometimes.”

Charlie and I were at a club in East Atlanta hanging upstairs on the balcony having drinks with Alana. I had asked her where her partner Meagan was and how come she never came out with her.

“We’ve spend so much time together over the holidays. I just need some space.”

I hoped Charlie and I would never get to that – not wanting to be around each other 24/7. She’s my best friend, my lover, my partner and I’m glad we always want to be together even if sometimes it’s me in my office doing something while she’s outside sawing up a tree with her chainsaw. It’s still together.

Friday, I whipped up a spicy dinner of stir-fry and we stayed in watching Homeland. Saturday she cleaned the drawers in the kitchen and room outside in the carport while I listed stuff on Ebay to sell. (I’ve had a couple of hits on my vintage coke sign, too). Later, we decided to take the dogs for a long walk up to the pizza joint and have a couple of beers. Once we were there we parked ourselves at one of the tables outside and the wait staff came out to pet both the dogs. The dogs are local regulars there like Charlie and I. But, despite that every time we go there we meet someone new from the neighborhood. This time we met a man who owned a store up the street. I’d always walked by there but never stopped in. At first he seemed a little quirky. Long hair, hippy-ish, with a long leather jacket and pimp shoes. I kind of gave Charlie a look like “Ok…..” but as he kept talking I warmed up to him a bit. He was a bit of an eccentric and it seems there’s never a stranger in the neighborhood we live in.

After walking home we decided to change and go out. There was a football game on that night and I wanted to go to this bar in East Atlanta that we really liked. We got dressed, I slipped a flask of whiskey into my boot and we were off for the East Village. Once there we sucked down cheap Miller high life’s while watching Green Bay beat Minnesota. Alana eventually slid onto the stool beside us and had a drink and edamame before we started down the street to the women’s bar.

“I haven’t been here since that time your car got booted.”

“I haven’t been here since that time that transsexual tried to pick me up.” Thank Goddess for Charlie, I thought, as I gripped her hand.

We arrived at the door of the club and handed over our i.d.’s. (I loathe getting carded at bars just to get in the front door.)

“That will be five dollars.” (I also loathe cover charges)

“Five dollars?! But, there’s no one here. What are we paying for?” (I wanted to say, “F-you I can get two miller’s down the street for that.”)

“This place doesn’t get packed until 11.”

“We’ll come back then.” I said plucking my i.d. out of the male/female?Couldn’t tell’s  hand. (This is why lesbian bars don’t make it. A. they charge a cover B. They’re never packed C. they never have drink specials and D. most of the time it’s like online dating – there’s scary people in there.

“Whatever – let’s go next door to the men’s bar.”

“I always have fun at Mary’s.”

“Me too.”

We walked in to a packed bar with people dancing. We wound our way through the dance floor to the bar. After getting our drinks we went upstairs to observe the crowd.

Alana sucked down her one drink and said, “Oh, I have to go. The smoke is getting to me.”

We said our goodbye’s and afterwards Charlie said, “Why did she leave so soon the smoke’s not that bad up here.”

“Oh, I think the longer she’s gone the more p*ssed her gf gets.”

“But, why? She was the one who wanted to stay home.”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t want to go out but she doesn’t want her to, either.”

“I hope we never get like that.”

“Me neither, baby.”

“Let’s go get some taco’s.”

“You read my mind.”

Sunday Charlie served me breakfast in bed. She usually brings me a cup of coffee but this time when I opened my eyes she was standing there with a tray the dogs both sitting next to her. I had three sets of eyes on me as I sipped my coffee and ate the egg and bacon croissant she’d made. Later, after I’d drank about a gallon of coffee we decided to take the bikes out and ride. We initially rode around town but then I realized that I didn’t dress warm enough so we went back to the house and I grabbed my heated jacket and gloves.

[This is when Charlie discovers heated motorcycle gear]

“Where do those plug in to?”

“The jacket plugs into the bike and the gloves plug into the jacket.”

“Oh, only on the Triumph?”

“No, both bikes have electric hookup’s to the batteries.”

We rode down to Stone mountain and stopped off at a German bakery to have coffee.

“I’m a bit cold.”

“On the way back you can wear the jacket.”

We sat in the bar watching football and drinking coffee having shed our gear.

“I wish I could have a beer.” Eying all the German taps.

“Me too. Let’s finish this, ride home and take the dogs out to the park and then go have a drink.”

“Sounds good.”

I dressed her in the jacket that she wore underneath her outer jacket (one of mine that fits her) and when she started up I plugged her in. We rode towards home. At the first light we stopped at I raised my shield and asked her if she was warm yet.

“Omg, I am sooooooo warm! I feel like I can ride all day!”

“That’s why you get heated gear. Once you have it you never want to be without it.”

We got home and miraculously the dogs hadn’t destroyed the house so we took them to the dog park for being so good. Afterwards, we went to our favorite joint and sat inside the heated patio awning and had beers. A great end to a perfect weekend!