change chex mix

Someone once said, “Don’t be fearful, it’s bad luck.”

Charlie starts school next week and I have another job interview [with another company]. People are often afraid of change but I think it’s part of personal growth.

The interview I had this week went well. It was a panel interview like I thought it would be. I probably won’t hear anything for awhile. This whole thing is a process, I know, and if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. I hope next week’s goes well because it’s a position that I am very much interested in doing – plus, it’s down at the airport. [I love just about everything about planes except flying them.]

From years of experience with these things I know not to get my hopes up. I know that the interviewing process is just a process and good practice. You can usually figure out whether or not you’re going to jive with the people who interview you the minute you walk in the door and meet them. With all that said it’s still hard not to get one’s hopes up especially when it’s been a b*tch of a week at work. Everyone I work with has been in a very bad mood all week. Moral is kind of low right now because there’s been some changes in the organization structure. Everyone’s taken on extra duties to compensate. I usually don’t mind doing this but I am losing the skill set that I was originally hired for which is a concern to me.

Anyway –enough of that -we’ll see what happens after next week. Keep your fingers crossed –or, don’t – I don’t really believe in that – if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. On to other things –

-we’ve had a real reprieve in the weather this week which has been a huge relief. I really hate cold weather. I want to ride motorcycles, wear t-shirts and take walks without shivering. I’m counting down the days practically when January is over. [21 more days..]

Next holiday – Valentine’s Day. [Charlie says she has something planned for me that day, too.] We’re trying to get to our camper goal and I need to run some numbers. I put some more stuff up on Ebay and Craigslist, too.

Charlie’s rode the Ducati to work for the first time the other day. She looked hot on it, too. 😉 [She literally was since I introduced the heated jacket to her.]

Well, that’s all I have for now, peeps! How’s your new year turning out?


5 thoughts on “change chex mix

  1. Hey, about the camper goal; hubby and I put $10 each a week (or $20 a pay) into a jar for trip gas money. Before you know it, we’ve saved $800-900!! And you don’t even notice the ten bucks being gone. You might want to try that too!!


  2. I’ll wish you luck with the job interview, meant to be or not. 🙂 It can be quite frustrating to be in a negative environment.
    We’re looking at snow here this weekend…I’m not a January fan either.


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