ready for the week to be over – chex mix

I nailed it!

Yesterday started out a dismal, rainy morning. I groaned getting out of bed. I thought about the day ahead of me and I was only looking forward to being home again, taking off my suit and having a beer. I had been studying the past few days for the upcoming interview and Charlie helped me put together my portfolio the night before. My suit was in a dark garment bag so it could hang conspicuously in my truck.

I changed into my suit in the restroom of the Starbucks and sat in the truck sipping coffee and studying. I might as well head down there, I though. I was glad I did because I-285 in the other direction was a parking lot. I was thankful it was moving on the side I was on. The interview location was at the airport and I was told on the phone that it was rather complicated to find on GPS. I had directions but when I reached the exit that took me onto the loop road I turned the wrong way and ended up circling the entire airport. It was pouring rain, I was lost and running on empty. I imagined myself standing out in the rain next to my car that had ran out of gas in my suit trying to hitch a ride to my interview.

This cannot happen.

I pulled over and asked some nice Delta women for directions then I went in search for a gas station. Thankfully, I found the place fifteen minutes before I had to go in and it had stopped raining and I could lose the umbrella.

I walked in and waited in the lobby until they came and got me. I knew it was going to be another panel interview and I had prepared for it. I walked in to the room with four other people -I will not explain the demographics but they were a lot better than the last interview and a lot more in my favor. [Pathetically true that this is a factor and not the most qualified].

All in all it went great and I felt really good about it. I felt there was a good energy in the room and would be really surprised if I didn’t get a call from them. Even one of the interviewers practically walked me to my car talking to me about the job. But, it’s done so we’ll see. I don’t have my hopes up – it just is and I just am.

I went home after that and kicked off my suit, let the dogs out and drank a beer. I was relieved it was over -on to the next interview…..whenever that is.


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