the winter doldrums

At least it was nice this past weekend. Saturday I had an instructor update in the afternoon and other than it being nice to see everyone– it was a complete waste of time. That night Charlie and I decided to go out again to East Atlanta. We started out at the Graveyard like a few weekends before but then ended up at Taco Mac in Decatur because we wanted nachos so badly.

Sunday, we took the dogs for a long walk before going out and getting a good spot at our local joint to eat and watch the game. All of our friends either had non-plans or specifically other plans. Bird kept wanting us to go to this expensive brunch place that I thought was just wrong for a day of football. Alana was checking out an entirely new bar that later she said left because it was too smoky. Later, after [our big friggin’ crap of a loss] the game Charlie and I went back home and sat out on the porch burning a fire in the pit and drinking beers and whiskey. It reminded me of the old days.

Yesterday, I was glad I had off. We went out to breakfast and then for a motorcycle ride. I had to stop at one point and get a latte’. We took the dogs to the dog park and then back to our favorite joint for a beer before heading home for chili and “The Following” pilot. Which, did anyone catch? If so, what did you think?

Today, I’m back at work and it’s cold again. This week is going to be kind of a grind like last week was. Charlie’s heading out of town for a work trip on Thursday and will be back on Friday and I have to work again this weekend. I’m ready for Spring weather, jazz and longer days. Hell, I don’t even care about the super bowl at this point – only that it’s a good excuse to make wings and nachos.