Saturday we decided to head up to north Georgia and meet our friends Camie and Gina for lunch. It was kind of a last minute decision that morning to go but we had a great time! The dogs went with us and they always enjoy a road trip. We met them for lunch at a wing place and gave the dogs their Kongs filled with cookies and peanut butter while we were inside.

The food was mediocre but the company fabulous!

Afterwards, we followed them to their house sat around on the back deck talking, drinking tall boys and watching the dogs run around in the backyard. Charlie’s ex came up (her new name is Big Mack).

“Just watch out – she’s getting back on FaceB**k,” Camie said.

“It doesn’t matter – we have her blocked. She can’t see a thing.”

“I wonder if we should just unblock her – let her see everything.”

“Yeah, so she can go through all of our pictures and posts. That should take her about a month to do.”

Part of me would like to be in her face and the other part would like to be invisible. I did tell Camie that if Big Mack came to the house while she was in town that I would be calling the police and filing a restraining order -until then I wasn’t reacting over anything. I have a feeling she will pass that information on.

We went on to talk about self defense, guns and times we’d gotten in to fights other things. Then, we talked about boats, camping and the armpit hair festival coming up. I hoped that Camie’s health will be better by the summer and we have our camper.

I was sitting there being all nostalgic over camping, fishing, the beach. Summer. Summertime. While it was a nice day outside there was still a chilly bite in the air. Regardless, it was good getting out of the town for the day. Breathing different air, visiting with friends and letting the dogs run.





One thought on “summertime

  1. Summer has never been my favorite season, but recently I’ve been craving it in a bad way. I don’t have a clue why. However in San Diego we have “Juneuary” because of the Santa Ana winds, so it was in the 80’s and clear blue sunny skies for a week or two. It was great!


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