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-in light of that last post I just had to post this video – it will crack you up!



happy [quiet] thursday

Yesterday was an annoying day capped off by an emergency visit to the vet. Afterwards, we both decided to break our alcohol fast and have a couple of beers. Today, I’m thankfully taking off to watch Sadie to make sure she can keep some food down. Like a baby, if she can keep the spoonful of IP down in three hours she can have some more.

“This is where mommy is like a man.” Charlie said to the dogs as they both looked at her with rapt attention.

“Why to we get this mommy today? What about you?” I mimicked.

Ok, I will stay home and mommy can go take my test.”

“No, no – I know nothing about nephrons.”

Seems like everything she’s been studying these days is nephron this and nephron that. Such a weird word, too – even my spell check is telling me I spelled it wrong and I haven’t. Medical terms….I told her that it was a good thing she was good at these things because I sure wasn’t. About the only thing I could see myself doing medically is being an eye doctor. But, after my last visit and the doctor telling me about this friend of his that just got out of med school and how much his student loans were I was relieved that it wasn’t me. I would have heart failure owing that much money.

So, you probably want to hear about yesterday and you’re thinking, “Just get to it, Lanie.”

Ok, ok –

My boss was his typical annoying self yesterday. I’ve heard so much about the Spartacus workout that I do think I’m going to do it on my own today while the dogs watch me. This is the man who f*cked up my workout schedule, too. I’ve been a little bitter about that. Since we get an hour to work out per day I used to go between 2-3. But, now he said that if I’m to use that hour it can only be between 7-8 and I am not a morning person and I don’t want to haul all my crap to work everyday, take a shower there in those grimy locker rooms. Not to mention how much I hate being naked in front of total strangers. No way, I wasn’t doing it.

This is the man who every morning comes in at 8 after working out, after we all have been there since 7 and goes around and talks to everyone about his workout, his wife, political sh*t stuff [that I don’t agree with], all kinds of things. We’re trying to work here. I mean, can’t he just be a boss and stop trying to be my best friend?  Then, once he’s talked to everyone about Goddess knows what he goes off to take a shower. This is usually between 8:30-9. And – the men have a locker room in our building but if the women want to shower we have to go all the way up to the gym to shower. So, I’ve recently noticed that him and Noel take 1-1/2 hr. lunches and have been sneaking up to the gym, getting in a workout and skipping back before they even get back. I’ve been sneaky about it because they don’t want us to work out on our lunch hour, either. Oh, yeah – we’ll give you an hour to work out but it’s by our rules. F*ck that. No one can tell me what I can or cannot do on my lunch hour.

Yesterday, was a big sending off party for this woman who I’ve had a couple of run-ins with. She’s a complete b*tch works in accounting. She’s one of those people who every time we have to communicate about something she looks at me in this patronizing way like I’m the blame for all of her ancestors. Yeah, that patronizing look – I try to ignore it, say, “Hey, how you doing here’s my travel expense.” And that’s when she starts enunciating every word like I don’t understand English (and, I’m a white American cracker – yes, I am) talking down to me like I’m an idiot. I want to smack her but I don’t. I think she wants me to smack her so she can say, “See! See? She’s a racist!”

And, I would say, “You stupid b*tch – my BROTHERS-IN-LAW is African American. I have African American in my family and I’m a lesbian – bet you’ve never been beat up or almost killed because of whom you are. You call yourself a minority but actually since you’re the number cruncher, crunch this – I’m actually the minority here.”

What-the-F-ever. Where was I? Oh yeah –

-so, anyway it was her last day and everyone was taking her to Long Horn. Since I felt the exact same way about the restaurant as I did her there wasn’t any way in hell I was going. I was simply waiting around for everyone to leave for their two hour lunch so I could get in a nice gym workout. And, I did. Finally, sighing in peace on the treadmill I put my ipod to a 45 minute trance mix and zoned out. I looked over and another woman in my section was on the elliptical. She’s very quiet, too. I like her because she doesn’t talk. I’m so tired of talkers. When my session was done I went into the gym and did sit-ups and then washed up and headed back to the office. They were still gone. I relished the quiet and took out my salad and salmon patty. That’s when the only other guy in the office – he’s an old guy – semi-retired and kind of drives me crazy, too, with his talking -decides to bug me. I try never to get him started because he always wants to teach a history lesson. He also has a nose better than my dogs. As I unwrapped my salmon patty I heard,

“What is that smell?” and, he gets up from his chair and comes over to investigate.

“Lennie.”, I almost shouted, “It’s my salmon patty and you’d better get used to it because I’m going to bring it every day this week for lunch.”

“Oh, it can’t be that. This smell I smell is of burnt rubber.”


Isn’t it time to go take your Geritol or something, I wanted to ask. Maybe I needed Geritol….or something stronger….a Miller Lite, maybe, a shot of whiskey. Now that would put me in a good mood. I can’t wait for Saturday, I thought. I wish I could just live off of coffee and beer. If I could develop a coffee/beer/protein shake that could top the Atkins diet I’d be rich and wouldn’t have to work here.

I just wanted to eat in peace. Then, another woman came in looking for everyone. I typically eat at my desk and am the only one there around lunchtime and just love when people come in with this puzzled look on their face and come over and ask me where they are.

“Well, let me ask you a question.”

“Ok, shoot.”

“Ok, are you ready?”


“Here goes. What time is it?”

“It’s 12:30.”

“Ok, and between what time of the day do people normally eat lunch?”

“Between 12 and 1.”

“So, ask yourself where do you think they are?”

“Eating lunch.”

“Yes! Good! I’m so happy you figured this out and you don’t have to ask me anymore. Here, smell my salmon patty. Doesn’t smell like burnt rubber?”

 She wrinkled her nose and walked out. Maybe I was on to something……

Right after that everyone came back from lunch and then one of the colonels came in and said, “Everyone in the breakroom. We’re having cupcakes today for [stupid b*tches] going away party.”

I reluctantly got up and went to the break room and stood next to my boss. I froze a smile on my face during the going away speeches and then when it was over I turned, and walked back to my cube, dropping the smile off my face and thought, “-and, don’t let the door hit you on the @ss on the way out.” Honestly, I’d never been so glad to see someone go. Now if only her boss would go, too – who, I must add wasn’t there the whole day. I think she had called in sick.

Thankfully, I was pulled into a meeting after that. We’re helping another department with projects and I’m very interested in helping. I really need to broaden my horizons there or else I can see myself getting very bored. I’m one of those people who professionally need to keep growing or else I become very unhappy and bored. I can’t be kept down. Then, my boss comes over and asks when we can all go on this business trip together. I didn’t relish being locked in the car all day with him, Noel and Lennie for 5 hours. I’d want to shoot myself.

“Faye, I have to find an excuse not to go.” I was telling this to a woman in another department in the ladies restroom. She had gone on the last trip with us and kind had driven me crazy, too, with her trying to swat flies in the van and almost running us off the road and sideswiping another car but I could take her over my boss, Lennie and Noel anyday.

“You have to find something that comes up.”

“Ok, I can say that Charlie has clinicals and I have to stay with the dogs.”

“No, dogs aren’t a good enough reason for [boss] you know that. It has to be a medical condition.”

“Like a lobotomy?”

“Yes, like that.”

After finally leaving for the day Charlie calls me on the way home. I thought this was unusual because I had just called her when I got outside the gate.

“Honey, Sadie’s throwing up and shaking. Where are you?”

“I’m almost home, hon. She probably just ate something bad.”

I came home to a retching dog and a panicked fiancé’. I mean, Charlie had been a vet tech for several years you’d think she’d be calmer about this stuff but she was freaking out. Every time the dog retched she would yell, “Honey, she’s throwing up.”

I called the vet and they said to bring her in so we all loaded up in the car. Sadie was in the back throwing up [– which, reminds me I have to clean out the car today.] We got her there and she still threw up. There wasn’t nothing going down that gullet until she got something to calm her stomach. So, we waited for what seemed like hours. The doctor suggested almost $250 worth of meds and tests. We went with the meds and the pancreatitis test – which, came out fine. We got prescription food and was told to fast her for 12 hours then feed her a tablespoon every three hours, watch her to see if she keeps it down – I texted boss, little boss and Noel (just because he likes to think he’s my boss) that I wasn’t going to be in because I had a sick dog and to put me down for a personal day. Yeah – this dog is a good enough reason whether he wanted to think that or not.

Once home we cracked beers and sat out on the porch. I was beat. Charlie had made chili and as much as I wanted some I thought better of it being that I knew I wanted to go lay down and watch Justified. We put on pajama’s, turned the dogs electric blanket on their bed and watched TV.

So, I’m home with the dogs today and relishing my quiet time. Sadie seems ok, so far she’s kept her tablespoon of IP down so we’ll see how she does at 10. Happy Thursday!


rain, recoop & spring

The rain beat against the window and I snuggled in closer to Charlie. I tried not to move too much because if I did the dogs would sense that we were awake and come bounding onto the bed. They love to do this. Funny, mornings when I’m the first up they take my place in the bed snuggling in next to her. When she’s the first up they go bounding out the door after her – probably because she feeds them regardless of when she gets up. She’s the morning feeder and I’m the evening one.

It’s funny how you can have one beautiful day of weather and for days after that it goes to complete sh*t. Neither one of us relished the long morning commute in the pouring rain. I had pulled up the weather on my phone in the bathroom and saw that it was supposed to clear up by 11. I was thankful. It seemed to rain all last week.

“It can rain all week as long as we have at least one good day over the weekend.”

I’m already online looking at camp sites -thinking about renewing the NC fishing license. Thinking a Friday in April I’m going to take off so we can head to the mountains. I’m planning summer, Memorial Day weekend and several other things. I want to take off a week and take the dogs somewhere. Even better, two weeks and rent a SUV and go out west and camp. It’s what rain does to me – gets me dreaming.

Charlie and I survived the engagement partying/weekend festivities. We were both dragging butt pretty hard yesterday. I vowed that I was going to do an alcohol-free cleansing all week. [Most] Everyone was pretty congratulatory and supportive even enthusiastic. We both were nervous about telling our families. I had had a most adverse reaction from my sister the last time I talked about a proposal. Charlie feared her parents would be like, “Again? Whatever.”

Surprisingly, both sides of the fam were very supportive. Both said, “You two look so happy!” and, “Congrats!” Even, both of my bosses at work were receptive (which, was a bit surprising to be honest since they’re both raging Republicans). Even Alana found time to text a congrats when she saw the pics and change of status on FB. A few other’s……one’s we expected more from it was like crickets. Then, a few days later when we had ALL KNOWN they’d been online finally commented on one of our pages “Congrats”, I wanted to say, “Really? Gosh, don’t hurt yourself.” 

Anyway, whatever. Neither one of us have time to worry about adversity of our engagement. Charlie’s on her third week of school and will be starting clinicals soon.  February is finally almost ready to be kicked in the @ss out of here and March is even busier for us. I’m so ready for Spring to be here it isn’t even funny. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

wirlwind weekend

Months ago Charlie had me look at my calendar to see when I would have a weekend off from working.

“I have to work the weekend after Valentine’s Day this year.”

“You do? D*mn! Ok, how about the weekend after that?”

“That sounds good. What are we doing?”

“I’m taking you out.”

All that day Charlie was pacing the house. We had gotten up and had breakfast, walked the dogs and were hanging out until it was time to get ready to go. She had said that she wanted us to be at the bar by quarter ‘til 7. I wondered why specifically that time but didn’t say anything. I knew she probably had something up her sleeve but wasn’t letting on that I thought that. I was just looking forward to going out to some of my favorite places.

We got ready and I pulled on my leather jacket. We drove down to East Atlanta and snugged up at the bar and had a couple of beers. After awhile she looked at her watch and said, “Here, finish my beer we have to go.”

I thought, Huh?  

I downed the beer after coming back from the restroom and we left and went down the street to Mary’s. Right when we walked in we saw The Good Doctor sitting at the bar. I knew Bird wasn’t far behind.

“What’s this?” hugging her.

“Oh, Bird asked if I wanted to go to Mary’s and I said I’d never been before so we came.”

“What a coincidence.” Charlie said.

Uh, huh, I didn’t believe it – she was up to something. I took a drink of my beer and decided to just go with it. Next, Val and Sean walked in – they were the couple we’d recently had over for dinner.

“Hey! What a coincidence!” Val said hugging us.

I hugged them both and said it was great to see them. So far no matter what Charlie had up her sleeve I was enjoying the company. I introduced them to the doc and Bird. Next, a blonde woman walked by. For some reason she looked familiar even though I hadn’t met her before. She hugged Charlie – then, I knew this was her friend from work that she always talked about.

I went over and met her and said I’d heard so much about her and her boyfriend.

“By the way, where is Rick?”

“He’s right out there.” She pointed at a man sitting just outside the back door.

“Is he afraid to come in?” It was a gay bar but I doubted he had any problem.

“No, let’s go get him.” We walked to the back of the bar and opened the door and as he introduced himself he handed me a dozen roses.

“This is for you.”

I didn’t know what to think at that point. I wondered if this was an elaborate belated Valentine’s Day or if it was something else. Regardless, I felt like it was my birthday or something. We went inside just as Bird was ordering shots of Makers.

“Let’s move up front.”

“Ok, following you.”

I heard this song and Charlie turned around and smiled at me as she was going up front.

What in the hell is she up to?

Just then she took the microphone. I knew it was karaoke night and thought, Is she really going to sing a song to me? I wonder what she’s going to sing.

Then, she said something into the mic about this little celebration was for her girl, Lanie, who had to work Valentines weekend.

“Go on up front”, Bird pushed me.

I kept smiling still wondering what she was up to when she pulled out a piece of paper and started reading this:

This is the hardest and scariest thing I’ve had to say there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. I’ve met someone… was it by accident or fate?? I wasn’t looking for it, it wasn’t on the make, it was a perfect storm. She said one thing, I said another, next thing I know I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation. Now there’s this feeling in my gut that she might be the one. She’s completely nuts, in a way that makes me smile, she’s intense with her words, and her laughter infects me… She is you, Lanie…you see ,,,, you’re my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the person I know I can count on, the love of my life,,, my everything……….

Much of that was from this scene:

Then, she got down on her knees and it hit me.

“Lanie Belluz, would you marry me?”

I took the microphone from her and said, “Charlie lastname, yes, I will be your wife.” And she slipped a beautiful ring on my finger.

The real party began after that. I think I drank waaaay too many Maker’s shots because my head was hurting a little the next day but regardless I was so happy.

We got up and ate breakfast and threw the dogs in the truck and went down to the park all day. We let them play in the dog park and then played Frisbee up in the meadow and then went down to Joe’s on Juniper for beers while the dogs rested in the sun. Afterwards, we met up with the beer brew girls at The Harbour bar and watched their bocce ball game. Charlie and I are going to play next season and met quite a few new peeps to hang with. By the time we got home we were both exhausted. I was sorry to see the weekend end but –

-there’s always next weekend! 😉


Friday chex mix and Kindle book

Remember that book I’ve been talking about forever several years that I tried and tried and tried to get an agent to pick it up? Well, after pitching, re-writing, editing, summary and cover letter creating I went ahead and self published it on Kindle. You can take a look at it here:

[Yes, it’s under my real name but my pen name is on the inside page.]

Be sure to give me some feedback if you do. For $1.99 I’m sure you’ll be entertained. [cheap thrills – lol]. I’m still working on a cover for it (if anyone is interested in designing it contact me).

In other news, I’m off this weekend – glad, too, because the weather’s really nasty. Charlie and I went out for nacho’s and beers last night before it got bad. It always nice here before a storm. The sun’s out, humidity moves in and it feels like an early spring then –boom – it hits, a constant cycle. Like Maria, I hate winter. I’m always cold, and I hate taking showers simply for the fact that the minute I get out I’m freezing. I have dry skin and am always looking around for gloves.

The past few days at work have been really quiet and nice because BAB has been on vacation driving his wife and kids insane for two days. I’ve put out more feelers for other places and gosh, it would be good to hear something. To have some sort of good news. But, alas – I will just have to be happy that it’s Friday, I’m in Love and I finally have a book on Kindle. And –

-did anyone catch the American Idol last night for the guy’s elimination round? Wow, what.a.sleeper! Just like the women! I think this is the most boring A.I. season I’ve ever watched. [Here’s an article on the elimination] I wonder if their ratings are going to slip. Anyone remember Rock Star Supernova? Now THAT was a great show!

Have a great weekend everyone!


I oftentimes wonder what gets in people’s heads. Sometimes I wonder if anything gets into their heads. Often I think these things after a day of work.

Sometimes the people at work get on my nerves so bad. My section is in a separate area of the building separated by a wall and two doors. Even so it doesn’t stop people from coming in and asking me or someone else who is at their desk where the person who isn’t here is. I want to say, “Keeping track of him/her is above my pay grade.”

We also have a boss that talks all day long. He talks about projects we’re working on, stuff that has no relation to projects, and just stupid stuff. Unless I put my headphones on I have to hear him rattle on all day long. It drives me insane. My job mainly consists of working in databases and writing technical documents. So, I need to be able to concentrate.

Before he got here we worked well as a unit. We all got along somewhat (– except for this one guy I will name Noel who thought he was everyone’s supervisor. That’s the annoying thing about most some men in the workplace – they think they have to take over everything.)

Yesterday, me and my immediate boss (a woman who I get along well with) were sent up to headquarters to laminate a map for one of the Colonels doing a presentation today. Why the big [annoying] boss (BAB) thought it took two of us to go, I don’t know. But, we went. By the time we got back it was time to go. Right when we walked in the door BAB starts spouting off about layoffs.

“Just a little advice [he seems to think it’s his duty to give us unsolicited advice on EVERY-thing] don’t go out and buy a car or anything. There’s going to be lay-offs with this sequestration.”

I looked at him like he was crazy. I couldn’t afford a car right now unless I sold a kidney. Charlie and I barely scrape by but we do. Mr. has-four-cars-including-a-new-Mustang is telling ME not to go out and buy a new car because I may be laid off. That’s rich. I wanted to say, “Guess I’d better stop that Ferarri in cherry red order .”

“Whatever, I’m gone.”, and walked out the door. I don’t want to hear about layoffs, I don’t want to hear about sequestration. I think it’s lame that BAB would spout off about this. What a way to promote a negative work ethic. Regardless of anything it will be out of our control but, just my luck to take a job with an agency that is somewhat steady and get laid off. I texted my immediate in the car. She’s not worried. She thinks it’s going to affect the fed’s – which is BAB – not state – us.

So, anyhoots – sure would be good to have an alternative plan and –

-did you think American Idol s*cked last night? We turned on Justified [yes, I want to be a federal marshal BUT I’d probably be laid off the minute I started] I am not in to any of the women on it this year. Hope the men are better tonight.

day off chex mix

I had a fabulous time being off yesterday. It was the first day I’ve had off since February 2nd.  I got to sleep in and have breakfast and walk the dogs with Charlie before she left for work. Then, I went over to the thrift store and got 4 Banana Republic and 1 Perry Ellis pairs of jeans for $6.99 each. I must make a note to shop for jeans on Mondays because people clean out their closets over the weekends.

I went over to the neighborhood café and ordered a latte’ while I downloaded a new episode of The Walking Dead onto the Kindle for Charlie and I to watch that night. Next, I went to the Farmer’s Market and picked up fresh veggies and shrimp to make stir fry.

Once home, I put the groceries away and took the dogs to the park. We got there and a chocolate lab immediately started playing with Sadie. His name was Clancy. I didn’t like that name because that was the name of the fast food restaurant I got locked in the bathroom when I was a kid – very traumatic. Anyway, Sadie was playing with him and he went over to try to play with Bailey and I heard three teeth clicks from her snapping at him. She didn’t actually get him – I think the growling and teeth clicking was a warning.

“Bailey, stop.” And she came running over. She’s really only a Sadie and people person. I think other dogs get on her nerves.

We walked through the woods and around and another dog came running up. Sadie tried to play with him and he turned around and growled and snapped at her.

“Ok, no one’s in a good mood today so let’s leave.”

So, it was kind of a bust that day. It’s not always like that – in fact, that was rare. We went down the street to our favorite joint and sat out on the patio and had a beer. It was so sunny and nice outside. Then, once Charlie got home – late because she had to go shut up the chickens (another story) we made dinner, watched The Walking Dead (which, I’m glad it picked up this week and Daryl’s back – also found out a little tidbit about him -a guy I taught class with this weekend saw his bike sitting in a shop near his house. He asked why it was there and the guy at the shop said he was making a replica of it with an electric starter. My friend asked why and was told “Because Daryl can’t seem to get it started by kicking it.” I find this hilarious – big, butch Daryl with the bow and arrow can’t kick start a bike.)


After that we watched The Following -and I have to say I’m ready for those characters that kidnapped the kid to be killed off. Seriously, they’re so annoying. The show has suspense but I wonder if there’s ever a conclusion. I guess kind of like TWD.

So, all in all a perfect day yesterday. Charlie is taking a test right now so wish her luck and keep your fingers crossed. This is week two for her and she seems to love it!

If you’re in rainy Georgia stay dry and everyone have a great week! I’m ready for the weekend already! I will leave you with a pic of the dogs taken at the soccer field near our house.


Mobile post

I’m killing time right now waiting for my class to get back from lunch. It’s a bright, sunny, windy day. I have earmuffs and a knit hat on that I’m thankful I packed today.
Last night Charlie and me had some new friends over to dinner. They are a gay male couple that live right down the street from us. We cooked Indian food, I picked up a banana cream pie and chocolate chip cookies for desert. Much wine was drank too. We had a big time and I’m so glad they came over.
“We love our lesbian friends.” Valen said.
“We’re just glad gay guys want to hang out with us – hell, our lesbian friends won’t” Charlie said.
“Oh it’s not a lesbian thing we have problems too getting people to hang out.” Sam
“I mean we’ll make plans and-
“They’ll flake on you.”
I’m glad were not the only ones then. Today I got a message from the couple we tried to have a drink with a few weeks ago and they bailed because of errands. They wanted to know if we wanted to go on a brewery tour. I replied I was working and they replied that they may go somewhere later for a drink.
“Hit me up after 4 and we’ll see.”
So, well see – still touch and go. Temped to wait until then and say Charlie and I are still out buying tampons or something but that’s mean I know.
Since Alana wrote that whole thing on FB about her 10 bestest friends being at her bday party (minus me and hurting my feelings) I’ve blown her off. Now she’s texting me constantly. The other night Charlie and I were at jacks pizza (grubby little joint that I love) when she texted that he was heading to fav joint and did I want to go. I texted back I was out with Charlie then she wanted to know where we were. I so wasn’t going to invite her. I so wanted to text back after she said “Darn it next time”

Why don’t you ask one of your ten bestest friends to go.

rainy week chex

I worked last weekend and had a pretty good class. I was even able to get out early on Sunday and made it home just before the rain hit. The rain is killing us down here in the south. It’s so cold and dreary you don’t even want to leave the house.

Charlie and I went to kickboxing again last night. It was a great workout. I don’t know what I’m going to do when our trial month is over because it’s really addicting. We had talked about going to do our usual smoothie afterwards but it was raining and cold and when I saw my favorite pizza joint ahead I pulled over and said, “How about beer and a slice of pizza, instead?” She was up for it.

We sat at the bar and talked about our day and the usual things we talk about then, we went home and fed the dogs and watched The Walking Dead and The Following. [which, I’ve gotta tell you – I wasn’t impressed at all with the midseason premiere of TWD. I hope it picks up. I won’t spoil it but I will say that I think that Andrea is a stupid bi-otch ho and Daryl is the male equivalent].

Today, Charlie started school and she’s called me twice -both times excited about what she’s learning, the instructor and her homework. I told her that only until she was finished with her homework and reading could we go to the kickboxing gym – school first.

I know I’ve been talking about friends a lot lately. I’ve been fb messaging some old friends – from high school and college and have heard back quite a bit. It’s nice keeping in touch and I’ve been really happy about that. One of them I used to get into quite a bit of trouble with at Purdue. It’s really a wonder we made it through. Another friend of mine I haven’t heard from is one that recently has breast cancer. I’m a bit worried because I’ve sent her some messages and not heard back. I think if I don’t get a reply back from the email I sent her I may send a card or even a care package. We used to do that in college. I find it strange that no one writes letters anymore. I still have letters that my mother and grandmother wrote me. You almost never see anyone sitting down and writing on a piece of paper or in a journal anymore – which, reminds me that I need to update. I keep a small journal in my motorcycle briefcase and write a short blurbs about every class I’ve taught. I hope that someday I can write a book about the classes I’ve taught – the mishaps, the funny things, the not so good things. I think I will officially have to be retired from teaching at that point and it be with “made up” characters because I’ve been doing it for ten years and I know alot of sh*t. There’s so many stories and I know just where to begin, too. But, in the meantime I want to start another book. This one a Lanie Belluz memoirs. So many projects… little time.

You ever feel that way? How’s your week going?