busy week and V-Day mishaps

This week is going to be very busy.

Charlie and I have been going to the boxing gym and she starts school tomorrow. [if you’re reading this you may give her a “Hey, you’re going to do great.”, because she’s very nervous about it.] I know she’s going to do great!

Thursday is Valentine’s Day. I know some of you are inwardly groaning and some of you have big plans. For those of you groaning – try to get through the best you can. For those of you who have big plans – try not to blow it out – Friday isn’t a holiday and you’ll have to go to work [I’m saying this partly to remind myself as well]

Charlie’s taking me to see the opening of Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting. I’m very excited about it [– especially, since the High will be the only U.S. venue for the exhibition]!


Friday, we’re having [new] friends over to dinner and then I work again this weekend. The week will be over before we know it.

For your entertainment I am pasting in a very old entry on a blog written many moons ago. Enjoy!

V-Day Mishaps


You get to her door with chocolates in hand and find out she’s allergic to them.

You get to her door with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and she says those are the same ones that they put on [insert lost loved one here] casket?

While you are at dinner the [insert pet name here] ate all the chocolate you brought her and had to be rushed to the 24 hour emergency vet to have it’s stomach pumped. Instead of sex that night you fall asleep at the vet waiting for “Snookums” to get out of surgery.

You decide not to do the standard card and send her an egreeting only to find out that she had computer problems or wasn’t even on the computer that day. (You find this out after getting the cold shoulder)

You forget to make a reservation at a restaurant only to get there and it is packed.

You get to her door only to find that the ex sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you get the “Dear Jane” talk because they’re getting back together.

You both get food poisoning at the restaurant (that was your choice) and spend the night throwing up.

Their [insert pet name here] dies or has died that day so they can never celebrate V-day because of that.

When you show up at their door they are dressed all in black and want to bitch about their ex all night.

She gets you heart shaped pink soaps to put in your bathroom.

Your car breaks down on the way to the restaurant.

The ex shows up while you are having V-Day dinner.

Anyone have any V-Day mishaps to share? Let’s hear them!


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