rainy week chex

I worked last weekend and had a pretty good class. I was even able to get out early on Sunday and made it home just before the rain hit. The rain is killing us down here in the south. It’s so cold and dreary you don’t even want to leave the house.

Charlie and I went to kickboxing again last night. It was a great workout. I don’t know what I’m going to do when our trial month is over because it’s really addicting. We had talked about going to do our usual smoothie afterwards but it was raining and cold and when I saw my favorite pizza joint ahead I pulled over and said, “How about beer and a slice of pizza, instead?” She was up for it.

We sat at the bar and talked about our day and the usual things we talk about then, we went home and fed the dogs and watched The Walking Dead and The Following. [which, I’ve gotta tell you – I wasn’t impressed at all with the midseason premiere of TWD. I hope it picks up. I won’t spoil it but I will say that I think that Andrea is a stupid bi-otch ho and Daryl is the male equivalent].

Today, Charlie started school and she’s called me twice -both times excited about what she’s learning, the instructor and her homework. I told her that only until she was finished with her homework and reading could we go to the kickboxing gym – school first.

I know I’ve been talking about friends a lot lately. I’ve been fb messaging some old friends – from high school and college and have heard back quite a bit. It’s nice keeping in touch and I’ve been really happy about that. One of them I used to get into quite a bit of trouble with at Purdue. It’s really a wonder we made it through. Another friend of mine I haven’t heard from is one that recently has breast cancer. I’m a bit worried because I’ve sent her some messages and not heard back. I think if I don’t get a reply back from the email I sent her I may send a card or even a care package. We used to do that in college. I find it strange that no one writes letters anymore. I still have letters that my mother and grandmother wrote me. You almost never see anyone sitting down and writing on a piece of paper or in a journal anymore – which, reminds me that I need to update. I keep a small journal in my motorcycle briefcase and write a short blurbs about every class I’ve taught. I hope that someday I can write a book about the classes I’ve taught – the mishaps, the funny things, the not so good things. I think I will officially have to be retired from teaching at that point and it be with “made up” characters because I’ve been doing it for ten years and I know alot of sh*t. There’s so many stories and I know just where to begin, too. But, in the meantime I want to start another book. This one a Lanie Belluz memoirs. So many projects…..so little time.

You ever feel that way? How’s your week going?





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