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I’m killing time right now waiting for my class to get back from lunch. It’s a bright, sunny, windy day. I have earmuffs and a knit hat on that I’m thankful I packed today.
Last night Charlie and me had some new friends over to dinner. They are a gay male couple that live right down the street from us. We cooked Indian food, I picked up a banana cream pie and chocolate chip cookies for desert. Much wine was drank too. We had a big time and I’m so glad they came over.
“We love our lesbian friends.” Valen said.
“We’re just glad gay guys want to hang out with us – hell, our lesbian friends won’t” Charlie said.
“Oh it’s not a lesbian thing we have problems too getting people to hang out.” Sam
“I mean we’ll make plans and-
“They’ll flake on you.”
I’m glad were not the only ones then. Today I got a message from the couple we tried to have a drink with a few weeks ago and they bailed because of errands. They wanted to know if we wanted to go on a brewery tour. I replied I was working and they replied that they may go somewhere later for a drink.
“Hit me up after 4 and we’ll see.”
So, well see – still touch and go. Temped to wait until then and say Charlie and I are still out buying tampons or something but that’s mean I know.
Since Alana wrote that whole thing on FB about her 10 bestest friends being at her bday party (minus me and hurting my feelings) I’ve blown her off. Now she’s texting me constantly. The other night Charlie and I were at jacks pizza (grubby little joint that I love) when she texted that he was heading to fav joint and did I want to go. I texted back I was out with Charlie then she wanted to know where we were. I so wasn’t going to invite her. I so wanted to text back after she said “Darn it next time”

Why don’t you ask one of your ten bestest friends to go.


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