I oftentimes wonder what gets in people’s heads. Sometimes I wonder if anything gets into their heads. Often I think these things after a day of work.

Sometimes the people at work get on my nerves so bad. My section is in a separate area of the building separated by a wall and two doors. Even so it doesn’t stop people from coming in and asking me or someone else who is at their desk where the person who isn’t here is. I want to say, “Keeping track of him/her is above my pay grade.”

We also have a boss that talks all day long. He talks about projects we’re working on, stuff that has no relation to projects, and just stupid stuff. Unless I put my headphones on I have to hear him rattle on all day long. It drives me insane. My job mainly consists of working in databases and writing technical documents. So, I need to be able to concentrate.

Before he got here we worked well as a unit. We all got along somewhat (– except for this one guy I will name Noel who thought he was everyone’s supervisor. That’s the annoying thing about most some men in the workplace – they think they have to take over everything.)

Yesterday, me and my immediate boss (a woman who I get along well with) were sent up to headquarters to laminate a map for one of the Colonels doing a presentation today. Why the big [annoying] boss (BAB) thought it took two of us to go, I don’t know. But, we went. By the time we got back it was time to go. Right when we walked in the door BAB starts spouting off about layoffs.

“Just a little advice [he seems to think it’s his duty to give us unsolicited advice on EVERY-thing] don’t go out and buy a car or anything. There’s going to be lay-offs with this sequestration.”

I looked at him like he was crazy. I couldn’t afford a car right now unless I sold a kidney. Charlie and I barely scrape by but we do. Mr. has-four-cars-including-a-new-Mustang is telling ME not to go out and buy a new car because I may be laid off. That’s rich. I wanted to say, “Guess I’d better stop that Ferarri in cherry red order .”

“Whatever, I’m gone.”, and walked out the door. I don’t want to hear about layoffs, I don’t want to hear about sequestration. I think it’s lame that BAB would spout off about this. What a way to promote a negative work ethic. Regardless of anything it will be out of our control but, just my luck to take a job with an agency that is somewhat steady and get laid off. I texted my immediate in the car. She’s not worried. She thinks it’s going to affect the fed’s – which is BAB – not state – us.

So, anyhoots – sure would be good to have an alternative plan and –

-did you think American Idol s*cked last night? We turned on Justified [yes, I want to be a federal marshal BUT I’d probably be laid off the minute I started] I am not in to any of the women on it this year. Hope the men are better tonight.


5 thoughts on “sequest-frustration

  1. I DID see Idol and I agree. Sucky. I have higher hopes for the men. And, to my great surprise…Nicki M actually had some insightful comments but Mariah is still acting like she is the prom queen and everyone else just decorated the auditorium for her. Keith Urban looks like he should be eaten with a spoon.

    We like Justified too…..


  2. I hate work, and its not even what I do, but who I work with, so I feel yah… except the people I’ve mentioned before. I think that the sequester has more to do with Federal employees. You know they don’t do jack shit. Luckily I’m a ‘contractor’ although we also take a lot of blame. Regardless between the pay raise freeze and hiring freeze the federal side was on, I expect to see some layoffs.

    I hope they lay off all the federal employees that wear sweatpants to work. That seriously happens over here. Everyday.


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