wirlwind weekend

Months ago Charlie had me look at my calendar to see when I would have a weekend off from working.

“I have to work the weekend after Valentine’s Day this year.”

“You do? D*mn! Ok, how about the weekend after that?”

“That sounds good. What are we doing?”

“I’m taking you out.”

All that day Charlie was pacing the house. We had gotten up and had breakfast, walked the dogs and were hanging out until it was time to get ready to go. She had said that she wanted us to be at the bar by quarter ‘til 7. I wondered why specifically that time but didn’t say anything. I knew she probably had something up her sleeve but wasn’t letting on that I thought that. I was just looking forward to going out to some of my favorite places.

We got ready and I pulled on my leather jacket. We drove down to East Atlanta and snugged up at the bar and had a couple of beers. After awhile she looked at her watch and said, “Here, finish my beer we have to go.”

I thought, Huh?  

I downed the beer after coming back from the restroom and we left and went down the street to Mary’s. Right when we walked in we saw The Good Doctor sitting at the bar. I knew Bird wasn’t far behind.

“What’s this?” hugging her.

“Oh, Bird asked if I wanted to go to Mary’s and I said I’d never been before so we came.”

“What a coincidence.” Charlie said.

Uh, huh, I didn’t believe it – she was up to something. I took a drink of my beer and decided to just go with it. Next, Val and Sean walked in – they were the couple we’d recently had over for dinner.

“Hey! What a coincidence!” Val said hugging us.

I hugged them both and said it was great to see them. So far no matter what Charlie had up her sleeve I was enjoying the company. I introduced them to the doc and Bird. Next, a blonde woman walked by. For some reason she looked familiar even though I hadn’t met her before. She hugged Charlie – then, I knew this was her friend from work that she always talked about.

I went over and met her and said I’d heard so much about her and her boyfriend.

“By the way, where is Rick?”

“He’s right out there.” She pointed at a man sitting just outside the back door.

“Is he afraid to come in?” It was a gay bar but I doubted he had any problem.

“No, let’s go get him.” We walked to the back of the bar and opened the door and as he introduced himself he handed me a dozen roses.

“This is for you.”

I didn’t know what to think at that point. I wondered if this was an elaborate belated Valentine’s Day or if it was something else. Regardless, I felt like it was my birthday or something. We went inside just as Bird was ordering shots of Makers.

“Let’s move up front.”

“Ok, following you.”

I heard this song and Charlie turned around and smiled at me as she was going up front.

What in the hell is she up to?

Just then she took the microphone. I knew it was karaoke night and thought, Is she really going to sing a song to me? I wonder what she’s going to sing.

Then, she said something into the mic about this little celebration was for her girl, Lanie, who had to work Valentines weekend.

“Go on up front”, Bird pushed me.

I kept smiling still wondering what she was up to when she pulled out a piece of paper and started reading this:

This is the hardest and scariest thing I’ve had to say there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. I’ve met someone… was it by accident or fate?? I wasn’t looking for it, it wasn’t on the make, it was a perfect storm. She said one thing, I said another, next thing I know I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation. Now there’s this feeling in my gut that she might be the one. She’s completely nuts, in a way that makes me smile, she’s intense with her words, and her laughter infects me… She is you, Lanie…you see ,,,, you’re my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the person I know I can count on, the love of my life,,, my everything……….

Much of that was from this scene:

Then, she got down on her knees and it hit me.

“Lanie Belluz, would you marry me?”

I took the microphone from her and said, “Charlie lastname, yes, I will be your wife.” And she slipped a beautiful ring on my finger.

The real party began after that. I think I drank waaaay too many Maker’s shots because my head was hurting a little the next day but regardless I was so happy.

We got up and ate breakfast and threw the dogs in the truck and went down to the park all day. We let them play in the dog park and then played Frisbee up in the meadow and then went down to Joe’s on Juniper for beers while the dogs rested in the sun. Afterwards, we met up with the beer brew girls at The Harbour bar and watched their bocce ball game. Charlie and I are going to play next season and met quite a few new peeps to hang with. By the time we got home we were both exhausted. I was sorry to see the weekend end but –

-there’s always next weekend! 😉



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