rain, recoop & spring

The rain beat against the window and I snuggled in closer to Charlie. I tried not to move too much because if I did the dogs would sense that we were awake and come bounding onto the bed. They love to do this. Funny, mornings when I’m the first up they take my place in the bed snuggling in next to her. When she’s the first up they go bounding out the door after her – probably because she feeds them regardless of when she gets up. She’s the morning feeder and I’m the evening one.

It’s funny how you can have one beautiful day of weather and for days after that it goes to complete sh*t. Neither one of us relished the long morning commute in the pouring rain. I had pulled up the weather on my phone in the bathroom and saw that it was supposed to clear up by 11. I was thankful. It seemed to rain all last week.

“It can rain all week as long as we have at least one good day over the weekend.”

I’m already online looking at camp sites -thinking about renewing the NC fishing license. Thinking a Friday in April I’m going to take off so we can head to the mountains. I’m planning summer, Memorial Day weekend and several other things. I want to take off a week and take the dogs somewhere. Even better, two weeks and rent a SUV and go out west and camp. It’s what rain does to me – gets me dreaming.

Charlie and I survived the engagement partying/weekend festivities. We were both dragging butt pretty hard yesterday. I vowed that I was going to do an alcohol-free cleansing all week. [Most] Everyone was pretty congratulatory and supportive even enthusiastic. We both were nervous about telling our families. I had had a most adverse reaction from my sister the last time I talked about a proposal. Charlie feared her parents would be like, “Again? Whatever.”

Surprisingly, both sides of the fam were very supportive. Both said, “You two look so happy!” and, “Congrats!” Even, both of my bosses at work were receptive (which, was a bit surprising to be honest since they’re both raging Republicans). Even Alana found time to text a congrats when she saw the pics and change of status on FB. A few other’s……one’s we expected more from it was like crickets. Then, a few days later when we had ALL KNOWN they’d been online finally commented on one of our pages “Congrats”, I wanted to say, “Really? Gosh, don’t hurt yourself.” 

Anyway, whatever. Neither one of us have time to worry about adversity of our engagement. Charlie’s on her third week of school and will be starting clinicals soon.  February is finally almost ready to be kicked in the @ss out of here and March is even busier for us. I’m so ready for Spring to be here it isn’t even funny. Have a great rest of the week everyone!