I’m ready –

-for a beer, to get out of town, have some fun, eat a pizza or –

-all of the above.

This week has been a grind simply because I decided to try to go through a beer fast until Saturday and work out every day. I’ve had it with my pants being tight and hearing “oh, you’ve gained the honeymoon weight.” F******ck that. I don’t want to be fat and happy. I want to be thin and happy.

Plus, I work the next two weeks/weekends. My first break is when Charlie and I go see Jason Aldean in Athens, GA mid April. I can’t wait to get out of town and go! Everyone around me is taking vacations and I’m ready for one, too. By the end of May I will be even more ready for one. I’m also ready for some nice weather. It’s been b*tching cold here and I’m so over it! I know I will be taking this back in August but I’m ready for shorts, T-shirt and flip flop weather.

So, ready for all of the above. I know Danielle mentioned the Spartacus workout – I’ve been trying to do that at least twice – three times a week. Here’s a link of one of these workouts in case anyone is interested (This one is a different one than the one I posted previously. I personally haven’t tried this one yet but I’m sure it’s going to kick my @ss.) Also, I’ve always been told it’s 10% physical and 90% diet when it comes to losing weight. Here’s a good place I go to look up healthy recipes. Also, if you happen to check it out also look at their workouts, too. I like to mix it up and never stay on one particular workout regime. I need variety and flexibility or else it gets stale and I get lazy.

That’s all I’ve got for now, peeps. Happy Friday eve!


Here we go –


-I’m just warning you that I’m going to go on a rant here. Pictures and signs similiar to above just infuriate me to no end. You SEE that guy holding the sign on the left? How can you miss that rednecky homophobic @sshole him, huh? I mean, that guy looks like he terriorizes his children, slaps his wife around and sits around all day drinking beer on a food stained lazy boy chair.


I came from what men like above call a “normal” family of woman + jerk man. I wish I could have had two moms. Two people to dote on me instead of one and one who treated me like farm help until I was old enough escape to go to college. What was even more unfortunate is that I lost my Mom to cancer over ten years ago and I was left with the jerk.

Children only need two caring adults who love them and dote on them. What sexes they are doesn’t matter. I can attest for that. Idiots like above have no idea what they are talking about.

shooting chex mix

Charlie and I had a MUCH nicer evening the next night. We had a standing date to meet up with Paulette & TC at the shooting range to try out their 9mm’s and 22. It was the first time either of us had been in a shooting range. I really had no idea what to expect but it was really a lot of fun. I found I shot really well – bullseyes – with Paulette’s Glock 17. (It made me want to go out and look at them.) After we went through 50 rounds of amo – each of us taking turns shooting 5 rounds each we went next door to the Tavern. Over beers, we told them about the previous night (which, ironically that burger joint was right up the street from the range).

“If they’re such good friends why didn’t they stop when they saw you getting visibly upset?”

“I don’t know but that’s a good question.”

It was a valid point. I’m done with them for a while. I put Bird and Nesa on a restricted, aquaintances setting on FB – which, in my book might as well be on the planet Saturn.

“I’ve put a lot of people and their b.s. up there.”

“That sounds like a good idea, hon.”

“Yeah, that way I really don’t have to deal with it anymore – it’s too far away to worry about.”

The weekend we caught up on things. We gave the dogs bathes, dremeled their nails, roasted a chicken and made chicken stock. We’d made the rounds to the Farmers market to get veggies because we wanted to go back on our veggie/salad diets again. We caught up on Californication (which, Charlie calls soft porn). It rained like hale all weekend and Sunday evening we went over to the boy’s house for dinner. It was very good but very filling. Val sent us home with all kinds of leftovers that immediately went into the freezer.

This week is busy again working all the way through until the middle of April. I’m looking forward to baseball season starting up on Sunday, warmer weather (of course), jazz, and Jason Aldean.

Thanks –

-for nothing driving.
The whole evening was a bust last night. Bird and Neisa can go s*ck big donkey d*cks. The hugest donkey d*cks ever. I digress….

Bird and the good doctor came by and picked Charlie and I up last night and we all rode way outside the perimeter to go see Hannah play. Why I’d ever thought this was a good idea, I don’t know. I’d seen Hannah play solo before and know that I prefer hearing her in front of the band playing in a venue in town and not out in donkey d*sksville trailer trash central. (seriously, when we checked in on FB it said we had checked in near Mobile Home City, GA. )

We finally found the place which was a very cold burger joint and bar. Neisa had driven up on her own and we all sat down around a tall top table. After awhile Hannah came over and said hi. We found out that she’s going to be in Curve magazine next month and that she’d let slip about one of her crushes to the magazine. This should be interesting. I had Bird pull up a picture of the crush and we all looked at her. I handed the phone back to Bird and said, “She wouldn’t know what to do with that if it smacked her in the face.” Honestly, the scowling woman in the cowboy hat looked like she would break you over her knee in one fell swoop.

Hannah’s show started and we listened and talked. There were only a handful of people in the restaurant listening to her and it was a little sad I thought. At one point we got a little loud but we were having a good time. Until –

“Hannah needs to play larger venues. This place is sad.” from Bird.

Then, I mistakenly brought up the time we’d saw Hannah play in this coffee shop in Oakhurst. (at least then it was nearby!) I distinctly remember Bird getting very drunk and being very loud while Hannah was trying to play. I had pointed out how when we were there we saw all these other bands play – including Emily’s band – and by the time Hannah got up to play everyone had left except for us.

“Yeah, oh God we saw that woman with the huge curly hair play you liked.” Neisa was refering to Emily, “Her hair was like, out to here.”

Then, Bird chimed in. “Oh, yeah. Wasn’t she the one you were in love with?”

“No, no. Come on.”

I was trying to veer off the subject as quickly as possible. But, it didn’t happen. It turned into a feeding frenzy of Neisa and Bird going back and forth across the table about how much I was in love with the girl and even putting down her music. I thought in the back of my head that at least Emily wasn’t playing in burger joints in mobile home city and who were they to judge when they didn’t even know who Jason Aldean or Jake Owen were. But, that was in the back of my head – the front was being assalted by the two of them saying I was in love with her – everytime they said it Charlie got increasingly more uncomfortable. I felt tears sting the back of my eyes and looked away at the tv’s above the bar trying to focus on something else. Hannah had taken a break and they finally stopped talking until Neisa said, “Wow, it got quiet in here. Hey, come on – we were just playing.”

I turned to her and said, “Y’all are just sharks, you know that?” and shoved my chair back with my boot and went outside. I was crying by then. I couldn’t believe that they would just say all that crap in front of Charlie. The whole thing was so disrespectful. Charlie came out to talk to me. It would have been fine if it were just her out there but then Bird had to come out and make it out to be like Charlie and I were having a spat over this girl.

“Hey, you two are engaged. I went to the party. I was there. You’re ok, you’re getting married for key-rist-sakes. It’s ok.”

“Ok f*ck you, Bird. It’s not about that, ok? I can’t believe you guys went on and on about that.”

“Hey, we were just joking. Come on.”

“No you weren’t. You disrespected me and Charlie here. How would you like it if I went on and on about sex you and I had in front of [good doctor]? Huh?”

“Hey, good doctor knows everything. I have nothing to hide.”

“I know that, Bird. But, unlike you – I have respect for good doctor and Charlie and I’d never do that.”

We went back into the restaurant and got our tab. Soon as the waiter brought it back we all stood up. I went over and hugged Hannah – who was probably sitting there wondering why her whole crowd was leaving when she had another set to play. Again, I felt bad for her. I walked out with good doctor who had silently watched the whole drama play out in front of her.

We walked down the steps and she remarked, “It’s so surreal.” Meaning how quiet it was once we got out of the bar and in the parking lot. We drove home with Bird and her talking about who knows what in the front seat and Charlie and I silent in the back. I thumbed my iPhone that I left in the car all night.  Finally we pulled up and said, “Thanks for driving.” I put my hand on good doctors window to say goodbye as I walked away from the car. I hoped that Bird wouldn’t get out of the car because I would have told her to f*ck off.

So, I guess I thought they were friends. Maybe I’ll give them another chance. Maybe not. But, if I do I will not put up with that ever again. I will walk out, walk away – and drive my own car next time.


means   that the world is in the eye of the beholder; it all depends on how you look   at things; all people look at things from a different perspective and have   differing opinions or views about someone, something, etc.
Everything is quantifiable in terms of individual perception.
To   him, the new house is beautiful and grandiose in appearance; to me, it’s ugly   and pretentious. It’s all relative, then, isn’t it?
You think you’re poor? Then take a look at the skid row bums living in the   sewers downtown. Everything is relative.

Charlie and I are going out with some friends tonight to see a show. They so happen to be my ex Bird and her friends who we have done things with from time to time. (Not sure if Bird’s gf is going as she’s a busy doctor) We got begged asked to go last week but then we thought Charlie had her final exam for school the next day. When we found out she didn’t then we decided to go. Simple as that, right? You would think. But –

-some people don’t see it that way. They always expect for you to chase them down to do things. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to ask but this comes in categories. For example:

“Hey, a bunch of us are going to a show; to the lake; to a bar; to a beer tasting; come join us.”

Or the more personal invitation:

“Hey, do you want to go have a drink [insert place here] and possibly play some pool; eat dinner?”

It seems so simple, right? To me it does, anyway. BUT – like above, it’s all relative on how you perceive it.

I used to have this friend, a good friend. One I’d been friends with for years. We used to party together almost every Saturday night. In fact, there were two others that partied with us. For anyone who has been a long time reader you will know that I’m referring to the Toads. This friend – one of the toads – and I would get together and run, workout, ride bikes and then go for some beers. Every week we usually had plans to hang out. Since she lived right across the street from Piedmont park we’d frequently go work out there and have drinks/dinner at a place nearby. This sounds all cool and fun, right? Well, it was until it became every time we hung out I always had to come to her. I had to drive down there from Decatur and find parking (which, isn’t easy in that part of town). I often times even brought the beer. After awhile, I started asking her to come out to Decatur. She did a few times but only after spending about 30 minutes on the phone with her giving her directions (this was pre-iPhone and TomTom. But, honestly, it’s such an easy drive from Midtown) eventually, the fun wore off because I was tired of always having to come to her and I always was the one calling her to ask to do things (other than driving down there). I finally became worn down by it all and dropped the friendship. (To this day she has never called me – guess the friendship wasn’t really that important to her, which, still shocks and amazes me given how long we had been friends and that we share the same tattoo what all we’d been through together)

So, what I’m trying to say in all this is that when plans are made both parties have to agree on the funness. Right?

I don’t think it’s really fair to say, “Hey, I’m going to be a my doctor’s appointment on your side of town why don’t you come hang with me in the waiting room?”

That doesn’t seem fun now does it?

How about this? “Hey, I have soccer practice on Saturday. Why don’t you come down and watch me?”

Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m always just amazed at how complicated people make plans or just hanging out. It all comes down to this:

If someone wants to do something then mutha-F-ing ask me because I’m not going to chase then down.

If I have to ask someone several times to do something and always get excuses then I’m just going to STOP.

And, if someone keeps asking me to do the same thing over and over again that THEY decided was fun [not me]. Then, I’m probably not going to do it.

The thing I want to stress here is that everyone has busy lives. They have to balance work, time with their families, paying bills, running errands, etc. everyone has a schedule. It’s not just things being done on their time and what works for them.

End of story. BUT –

-it’s all relative.

too old, tired or have better things to do

This past weekend I had another motorcycle instructor update. This update was for one of the private sites I work. Since I make about 75% of my side income teaching at this site it was very important that I attend. The site coordinator said she’d waive our $50 registration fee which I thought would MAJORLY s*ck if I not only had to shell out $50 but was required to be there. “Here, pay $50 on a nice Saturday to do motorcycle crap that you’re not getting paid for 60 miles round trip from the house.”

See what I’m saying? The whole thing s*cked big donkey d*cks. At least on my state update we got paid hourly and mileage to be there. Yeah, at least $100 to sit and listen to their B.S. Things have changed majorly since we all first started. I think we’re all a little worn down by the whole motorcycle ridercoach hoomp-pa. What-the-f*ck-ever, I think.

When we all first started (some of us over ten years ago) anytime we had to do an update this would only mean opportunity to party down together. Our updates used to be longer, actually. Back then, I think we all needed to party and drink because our master instructors, chiefs, consisted of two b*stards and a royal b*tch. Seriously, they were mean, mean people. The update would start on Friday evening after work. Some of us had to take the entire day off to ride from south Georgia to be there. We all knew each other and back then we all taught with each other despite our geographical locations. I remember riding up to Dalton and Clarksville to teach.

We’d all check in at the hotel up the road from the training facility. Friday night would be classroom sessions with R.B. & Bastx2. Soon as we were out (somewhere around 10) we’d all hit the bar next to the hotel and party down. It would be drinking and “Remember that time we taught that class together in…..” and “Remember that wackjob we had in this class……” and “Remember the time I lost all the keys to the bikes and Bastx2 had to come out…….”

Then, Saturday we’d all come in hung over as hale and Bastx2 would make us go out and ride the skill exam and we had to get a 90% or better to pass and keep teaching. All One of those times I was really hung over and felt like I was going to throw up inside my helmet riding the box. (After that, I knew I’d always be able to ride that box) We’d suffer through class all day and then soon as we were out we’d hit the bar again. This night we’d always hit another bar that had a nice restaurant in it and we’d all eat dinner together and then head to the other bar to party. I remember one year I was walking back to the hotel with K and Bart. The sidewalk was one of those fancy ones that curved. I missed the curve and went off into the grass with the sprinklers going getting drenched and Bart had to come over and lead me back onto the sidewalk.

Before this past weekend I got several messages from this one instructor, Babs. Her and I have been through some stuff together teaching. She even gave me this journal that had a skeleton riding a motorcycle on it that we both later had tattooed on our arms. I always write about my classes in this little journal. She’s teaching down in Savannah now for another company so I never see her anymore until we have updates. I’m leery of her now. She’s always kind of weird – it’s hard to explain. It’s sort of like I’ve grown up and she’s stayed the same or maybe someone I’ve been in high school with still lives in the same town and I’ve moved on kind of thing. Anyway, she was texting me and FB messaging me that she was staying at the hotel Friday night and partying with Rick, K and Jeff coming in what was I doing?

I thought, “Hmm, hanging out with my lovely fiancé.”

I simply replied, “See you Saturday.” Which, is the same reply to K wondering if I was coming up on Friday.  K and I have also had a weird dynamic going on. I think it started when I started seeing Charlie seriously. The last time we partied together was one of those weekends I was teaching with him and Jeff was on the other range. The Eagles were playing in the amphitheater behind the training center and I heard Hotel California coming out of class that night. I had also planned to stay up there and party but all the rooms were full so I drove up and had a couple of beers and went home.  Later on there was a weekend we were both teaching together and he suggested that Charlie and I get a room up there and party with him. For one, we’d have to not only pay for a hotel room and dinner but we’d also have to pop for a dog sitter. That was an expensive weekend – all to just party with K. If we were going to do that I’d want it to be for something special like an anniversary or something not just party with K. Plus, K can afford that kind of thing – especially, since they pay for his room when he teaches up there – it’s no skin off his nose. So, I turned him down. I mean, I can understand wanting to do something like that if a. I wasn’t with Charlie and b. I didn’t have a dog to worry about getting home to -and really I’d much rather sit on the porch and have some beers with her and the dogs or even go out to one of the joints near the house than be stuck OTP. In short, I’ve outgrown it all – I’ve got better things to do. Now, if he came to our part of town and hung then that would have been a different story but the last 4 times we’ve had plans to do that he’s blown me off. So, in short – he’s doing his thing, I’m doing mine.

Saturday, I showed up at the center and pulled all my crap off the bike and carried it in. I registered with Pete. “Long time no see, dude.” We’d just taught together the weekend before and I felt like I’d just been there. I started talking to Paula because Charlie and I are going to double date with her and TC at the shooting range on Thursday. We immediately started talking guns.

“I have my heart set on a Sig Sauer.”

“Well, you’d better come out and shoot some stuff before you buy.”

“Oh, girl – you’ve mistaken me for someone who just has $650 laying around to spend on a gun.”

I went into the break room to refresh my coffee and saw K talking to Tom. I cannot stand Tom and had no intension of going over to him while he was talking to him. I nodded at K and went out. Then, Rick came in and we went outside to look at our Triumphs together.

“Does your Thruxton always sputter when it’s cold?”

“Oh yeah, these carberated bikes will always do that.”

“I’ve had the carbs cleaned and use fuel enhancement. Hey, you need to think about getting new coils. Over 10k miles and you need new ones. I just had mine done.”

Someone came out and said it was starting so we moved inside. This guy lectured for 2-1/2 hours on the new curriculum that was still in testing mode. I was yawning through the whole thing. What’s the whole point of sitting here if we’re never going to teach this stuff? Then, the next lecture was on cognitive and perception – I can understand if someone were a new rider coach they would find this to be fascinating in applying it to the range exercises and teaching. But, us veterans we feel like we’ve been beaten over the head with this sh*t for years and just want to get the f*ck on.

I mean, really – teach me how to get through 17 exercises and 4 book units and 126 questions more efficiently when you have people who can’t seem to figure out the clutch, read or are 80, had a stroke have physical limitations and you’ve burned all your time doing remediation and you’re in the weeds now. Teach me that. Or –

-how to keep peoples spirits up and fear down when it’s pouring down rain in their braking exercises or their skill evaluation . Teach me that.  Or –

-how about getting rid of some of these redundant exercises like using a turn signals and the whole exercise on initiating press (which they are unconsciously doing in ex 3 anyway)  and spend more time in braking and cornering since everyone seems to s*ck at that anyway?

-and, why not make them read the book and take the written test online before coming to the class and we can go right into the range exercises? How about that? Why do we have to hold their hands through 126 questions? These are adults, here. You’re going to give them a license to operate heavy equipment on the road around everyone else but you can’t trust them to do 126 questions and take a test that could be administered online on their own? That doesn’t make any kind of sense, now does it?

In short, give me something, a tool that I can use. Don’t just lecture me on stuff that may never come to flourishion.

Finally, it was lunch and K came over and asked if I wanted to ride over to the roll with Babs. Sure. I went and got in the car and Jeff scooted in beside me. K didn’t even ride with us.

“Did you all party last night at Sage?”

“Oh, it was low key. We had a couple of drinks and dinner and then back to the hotel.”

This was Jeff. I had already asked Rick earlier when we were looking at bikes how it was. Same story. At lunch sitting across from K I got the same reply in addition to “I’m not staying tonight like I was, I’m heading back just after class.”

 “Guess I didn’t miss much.” I thought.

Today, I got a call from K who was returning a text I’d sent him after the thing asking what he thought of it.

“Oh, it was ok. Friday night was kind of a bust. Babs just seems tired. Like she isn’t in to it anymore. Rick was just getting over his pneumonia (who, I might add had ridden there all the way from SC) and Jeff was entertaining as always but we all were headed back to the hotel by ten. Guess we’re all just old and tired.”

Old & tired or have better things to do? Could be a little of both.

annie, annie! & st patty’s

I’m so ready for the weekend to be here despite having a motorcycle thing tomorrow. Charlie and I rode in together this morning as she had to take a CPR class.

“I can tell you right now what you need to do.”
“Just say, ‘Annie! Annie! Are you ok?’, then point to someone and say, ‘Call 911.”
“What about chest compressions and all that?”
“Oh yeah, you’ll learn that, too.”
“Why is it called ‘Annie’?”
“Every CPR dummy I ever worked on was called ‘Annie’.”

Soon as her class is finished I’m going to go pick her up, go home and we’re going to run with the dogs. The dogs and I went on our first run together this past Monday. They did very well until almost the end a cat ran in front of us and then their concentration was shot. Mine, too.

I finally caved this week and did the Spartacus workout with my boss. It wasn’t bad. I found that when he’s working out is the only time he shuts up. He was doing the workout with 25lb dumbbells so he was about ready to blow a gasket. I was doing 8lbs but think I will up it to 10 tonight when I take Charlie through it. That’s my plan, take a short jog with the dogs, do that workout and then sit on the porch and drink beer.

Sunday, we’re hoping to take the dogs to the dog park, play Frisbee and then on to Joe’s to partake in a little St. Patty’s day brew. Can’t wait! Have a great weekend, everyone!


a day in the life –

-of a motorcycle instructor.

Get out of bed after hitting the snooze twice. Pad into the kitchen and immediately pour a cup of coffee taking it into the shower. Clothes already laid out start putting them on. Jeans, t-shirt, thermal, mechanic shirt, socks. Grab boots and take them  into the kitchen to sit down and lace them up.

More coffee.

Grab motorcycle bag, jacket, hat, thermos, sunglasses, and lunchbox and stuff them all into the saddlebags on the Triumph. (Yes, I did, too) Pulled motorcycle pants on over jeans, put on heated electric jacket and trudged into the bedroom [swish, swish, swish….] to kiss Charlie goodbye.

“Text me when you get there.”

“I will baby.”


“I will baby.”

Pull on my outer jacket and reflective vest and zip up. Grab helmet, gloves and Schampa. Throw leg over bike, start up, plug in heated jacket, put on gloves, rev a little and back out of carport. Kick it into first before the bottom of the driveway and take off.

Ride to Alpharetta. very boring ride because of forgetting headphones. Pull up at training facility, park and make two trips into the building unloading shit from motorcycle. Sit down in break room and pour cup of coffee from thermos. Bullsh*t with co-instructor (Pete) until instructor in other class (Grouchy) gives us a dirty look through the window from outside wanting us to come out and help take out the bikes. Look at clock and think, It’s only 6:55 muth-a-f*cker sans Hanky Moody.

Down rest of coffee, shrug, get up and go outside. Notice new Greenback who’s Grouchy’s co-instructor has her boyfriend (Richie) taking bikes out for her. Turn to Pete, “Where’s she? Powdering her nose?” Grab first running motorcycle and ride out to far range. Pete pulls up, hop on back and ride back and repeat until 21 motorcycles are sitting out on the range.

“No, don’t put that CBR on our side. We don’t want it.” To Greenback who finally finished powdering and decided to take one bike out.

Throw cones out on range for first exercise. Orange, green, orange – 12 each. Go inside, “Good morning” to whoever is sitting in classroom. “Hey, do you need a helmet?” If so, point to barn out back. Gulp more coffee. Snap pouch with range cards and pens onto belt. Throw whistle around neck and clip stopwatch to belt loop. “Everyone here? Lets’ go.” Walk outside and to the range. Help people fasten their helmets. Amazed they will be able to operate a 400 pound bike by the end of the weekend but initially can’t even fasten a helmet. “Fasten your helmet before putting on your gloves.” Amazed people still do that –

-every. Class.

Teach exercises 1 through 6 with two breaks in between. Break for lunch. Go back into the break room and heat up lunch. Sit down with Pete and talk sh*t, TC comes in from teaching dirt bike and talk more sh*t. Look out the window and see Grouchy and Greenback still standing on far range. Hear Grouchy yelling something even from inside. Look at the clock and think, It’s 12:30 muth-a-f*cker, you goin’ give them a lunch today?

Go back out, run exercises 7-9 with no incidents. Come inside, turn on DVD player. “Do questions 70-99 and let me know when you’re done.” Go through questions, watch videos, have discussions on material, cut discussions short before we’re there all night. “Ok, we’re done. See you tomorrow at the same time. Don’t be late. Bye!” 

Text Charlie.

Getting on the bike.

What time will you be home?



Ride home. Must remember those headphones. Get chased by poodle on our street. Pull into carport and dogs come running. Kiss Charlie, peel off all motorcycle gear, go pee, and prop my feet up and have a beer.

Next day, rewind and do it all over again.

Friday Deflation

So much has happened since stupid b*tch left. Two other people are getting let go at the end of the month because of the sequestration – they were contract employees. While they only had cup cakes for b*tch we’re throwing a party with sandwiches and “sides” for them. I will give a donation and go eat sandwiches because I like these guys and feel bad that they’re getting let go.

Another guy in contracting found a better job. I’m very happy for him because, like me, he struggles to get by and works a second job. This job is so much better for him and he’ll make more money. I’m happy but also feel………….deflated. Is this it? Is this the best I’ll get in a job? While it’s not bad most of the time – yesterday, I left early on a nice day. I’m also taking off on Monday for a mental health day – I have tons of personal, annual and sick leave. I wouldn’t have that in the private sector. Then, yesterday I got a call from a recruiter about something I applied for. I called her back but before she could ask me a bunch of questions I turned it around on her. Since she was a recruiter I knew she would be more apt to tell me about the job than a direct hire. This job was for a contract to perm with a power company. Being someone who had been laid off in the past and currently has a somewhat stable job the terms “contract to perm” make me a little uncomfortable. I asked her about it and she said that the job eventually gets hired on with the power company as an employee. I asked how long this could take and she said anywhere from 90 days to a year. I still wasn’t convinced. I know people who have worked as a contractor for the CDC for years and never got hired on perm. Next, I asked the salary and was told the cap was only 5k higher than what I currently made. First, they would never hire me on at the full cap – especially a contract to perm position and there was no way I was making a lateral. So, I thanked her for her time and said I was no longer interested in the job. There was no way I was going to waste my time on an interview.

It still made me feel deflated. I asked my immediate boss yesterday after this meeting we had downtown if work would pay for me to sit for the real estate class and she was going to look in to it. I know BAB is not going to go for it. He’s taken away so many things from me recently since he’s been here – my workout time, going on biz trips, etc. If he balks on this he’s really going to be on my sh*t list  it’s really going to make him look bad in the department.

So, anyway – I’m a bit deflated on this Friday afternoon. I have to head on over to Harley soon and teach a class tonight and this weekend. Maybe the great weather, motorcycles and air will do me good. Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to set back your clock!

Sadie & Shuffleboard Sweater Nerds


sadie29 (taken this morning)

Sadie’s feeling somewhat better. She’s still in and out with her energy levels, though. We got her to keep down food yesterday and drink a bit of water that night. So, we’re watching her and making her take it easy and not play but it’s hard with an almost 2 year-old.

This whole thing has been nerve-wracking as hale. SO, what do Charlie and I do to calm our nerves? Yes, go on a bender. We both felt a bit cooped up towards the end of the day yesterday and I suggested that we go up to that little thrift store called Second Life in the neighborhood – love that place because all the proceeds go towards helping animals. In fact, if I could ask you guys a favor they are trying to win $15,000 towards their charitable organization and if you go to this site and vote for them (you can vote every 24 hours) they may win – they said they were in second place yesterday when we were there. Here’s the voting link: www.milner.com/jumpstart

Next, we went to the boys shop, Trilogy, to say hi. They always have such great energy and I feel like buying everything in the store when I’m in there – candles, rocks, some little spiritual thing. Everything in there gives me such a good vibe. If you’re ever in the neighborhood stop in – even if it’s just to soak in the great energy, smell the wonderful candles or talk to one of the guys who are always entertaining.

On to one of our favorite pizza cafe’s for only one beer because there were two men there annoying us. One was someone who I’ve actually gotten into an argument with once because he was sitting next to me at the bar and got into my personal space and touched my laptop. [I had told him to back off and the bartenders asked him to leave – yes, I got pull there.] The other guy was some redneck sitting behind us staring at Charlie and talking very loud. So, we went home, fed Sadie a spoonful of IB and went to another bar to play pool. I love playing pool at this bar until –

[insert Jaws music – just like at the Oscars]

The sweater-shuffleboard-nerds show up to play on the two shuffleboards behind the pool tables. I hate that they put those things there. In fact, I just hate them period.

It happens every time, too. We’re playing pool and a bunch of nerdy-@ss people [some, with screaming kids –  this bar allows kids there until 9] come up and start playing. They have to walk from end-to-end every 2 seconds and get in the way of us shooting. They always pile their coats and sh*t on the table right behind the pool tables and most of the times they’re only drinking WATER. It never fails – you’re lining up to take a shot and someone bumps your cue.

Last night I saw them coming a mile away. They were three of straight couples. They all looked like they were out on a date. The women had these sweater dresses on and the men actually had sweaters tied around their necks like they were getting ready to go out and sail.

Seriously, folks, this ain’t the f*ckn Cape, I thought.

I gave Charlie a look and looked over at them. She knew what I was thinking. I’d had just enough beer and whiskey in me that if they so much as bumped my cue I was going to tell them off. It would start by me flipping one of the sweater sleeves into the face of one of the guys and saying calmly, “You all with your water and your important little old person game should have a little more courtesy towards those of us who are actually paying customers and playing a real game. I mean, really – you’re a man – play a man’s game instead of all this p*ssy sh*t – and, if you want to get laid tonight loose that sweater, dude, or go on down to the gay man’s sweater bar – no, I take that back – they have waaaaay more class than you and you’d never even fit in there with your lame@ss fake Ralph.”

I was ready but then I decided I was hungry and didn’t have the energy for it. They were especially annoying me, too, because every shot they cheered like the underdog just scored in the Superbowl. Every.nerdy.shot. they did that.

“Let’s go.” I told Charlie.

So, we headed down to my kind of bar – smokey, no kids, grunge, with the best pizza in town and $1 miller high lifes. It doesn’t get any better than that.