Sadie & Shuffleboard Sweater Nerds


sadie29 (taken this morning)

Sadie’s feeling somewhat better. She’s still in and out with her energy levels, though. We got her to keep down food yesterday and drink a bit of water that night. So, we’re watching her and making her take it easy and not play but it’s hard with an almost 2 year-old.

This whole thing has been nerve-wracking as hale. SO, what do Charlie and I do to calm our nerves? Yes, go on a bender. We both felt a bit cooped up towards the end of the day yesterday and I suggested that we go up to that little thrift store called Second Life in the neighborhood – love that place because all the proceeds go towards helping animals. In fact, if I could ask you guys a favor they are trying to win $15,000 towards their charitable organization and if you go to this site and vote for them (you can vote every 24 hours) they may win – they said they were in second place yesterday when we were there. Here’s the voting link:

Next, we went to the boys shop, Trilogy, to say hi. They always have such great energy and I feel like buying everything in the store when I’m in there – candles, rocks, some little spiritual thing. Everything in there gives me such a good vibe. If you’re ever in the neighborhood stop in – even if it’s just to soak in the great energy, smell the wonderful candles or talk to one of the guys who are always entertaining.

On to one of our favorite pizza cafe’s for only one beer because there were two men there annoying us. One was someone who I’ve actually gotten into an argument with once because he was sitting next to me at the bar and got into my personal space and touched my laptop. [I had told him to back off and the bartenders asked him to leave – yes, I got pull there.] The other guy was some redneck sitting behind us staring at Charlie and talking very loud. So, we went home, fed Sadie a spoonful of IB and went to another bar to play pool. I love playing pool at this bar until –

[insert Jaws music – just like at the Oscars]

The sweater-shuffleboard-nerds show up to play on the two shuffleboards behind the pool tables. I hate that they put those things there. In fact, I just hate them period.

It happens every time, too. We’re playing pool and a bunch of nerdy-@ss people [some, with screaming kids –  this bar allows kids there until 9] come up and start playing. They have to walk from end-to-end every 2 seconds and get in the way of us shooting. They always pile their coats and sh*t on the table right behind the pool tables and most of the times they’re only drinking WATER. It never fails – you’re lining up to take a shot and someone bumps your cue.

Last night I saw them coming a mile away. They were three of straight couples. They all looked like they were out on a date. The women had these sweater dresses on and the men actually had sweaters tied around their necks like they were getting ready to go out and sail.

Seriously, folks, this ain’t the f*ckn Cape, I thought.

I gave Charlie a look and looked over at them. She knew what I was thinking. I’d had just enough beer and whiskey in me that if they so much as bumped my cue I was going to tell them off. It would start by me flipping one of the sweater sleeves into the face of one of the guys and saying calmly, “You all with your water and your important little old person game should have a little more courtesy towards those of us who are actually paying customers and playing a real game. I mean, really – you’re a man – play a man’s game instead of all this p*ssy sh*t – and, if you want to get laid tonight loose that sweater, dude, or go on down to the gay man’s sweater bar – no, I take that back – they have waaaaay more class than you and you’d never even fit in there with your lame@ss fake Ralph.”

I was ready but then I decided I was hungry and didn’t have the energy for it. They were especially annoying me, too, because every shot they cheered like the underdog just scored in the Superbowl. Every.nerdy.shot. they did that.

“Let’s go.” I told Charlie.

So, we headed down to my kind of bar – smokey, no kids, grunge, with the best pizza in town and $1 miller high lifes. It doesn’t get any better than that.


2 thoughts on “Sadie & Shuffleboard Sweater Nerds

  1. Glad Sadie is doing better! Those people sound annoying as hell. Shuffleboard is an old persons game, even though it can be fun… When there is nothing else to do that is! Its also extremely rude to go to a bar and play their games and not buy a drink, what jerks.


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