a day in the life –

-of a motorcycle instructor.

Get out of bed after hitting the snooze twice. Pad into the kitchen and immediately pour a cup of coffee taking it into the shower. Clothes already laid out start putting them on. Jeans, t-shirt, thermal, mechanic shirt, socks. Grab boots and take them  into the kitchen to sit down and lace them up.

More coffee.

Grab motorcycle bag, jacket, hat, thermos, sunglasses, and lunchbox and stuff them all into the saddlebags on the Triumph. (Yes, I did, too) Pulled motorcycle pants on over jeans, put on heated electric jacket and trudged into the bedroom [swish, swish, swish….] to kiss Charlie goodbye.

“Text me when you get there.”

“I will baby.”


“I will baby.”

Pull on my outer jacket and reflective vest and zip up. Grab helmet, gloves and Schampa. Throw leg over bike, start up, plug in heated jacket, put on gloves, rev a little and back out of carport. Kick it into first before the bottom of the driveway and take off.

Ride to Alpharetta. very boring ride because of forgetting headphones. Pull up at training facility, park and make two trips into the building unloading shit from motorcycle. Sit down in break room and pour cup of coffee from thermos. Bullsh*t with co-instructor (Pete) until instructor in other class (Grouchy) gives us a dirty look through the window from outside wanting us to come out and help take out the bikes. Look at clock and think, It’s only 6:55 muth-a-f*cker sans Hanky Moody.

Down rest of coffee, shrug, get up and go outside. Notice new Greenback who’s Grouchy’s co-instructor has her boyfriend (Richie) taking bikes out for her. Turn to Pete, “Where’s she? Powdering her nose?” Grab first running motorcycle and ride out to far range. Pete pulls up, hop on back and ride back and repeat until 21 motorcycles are sitting out on the range.

“No, don’t put that CBR on our side. We don’t want it.” To Greenback who finally finished powdering and decided to take one bike out.

Throw cones out on range for first exercise. Orange, green, orange – 12 each. Go inside, “Good morning” to whoever is sitting in classroom. “Hey, do you need a helmet?” If so, point to barn out back. Gulp more coffee. Snap pouch with range cards and pens onto belt. Throw whistle around neck and clip stopwatch to belt loop. “Everyone here? Lets’ go.” Walk outside and to the range. Help people fasten their helmets. Amazed they will be able to operate a 400 pound bike by the end of the weekend but initially can’t even fasten a helmet. “Fasten your helmet before putting on your gloves.” Amazed people still do that –

-every. Class.

Teach exercises 1 through 6 with two breaks in between. Break for lunch. Go back into the break room and heat up lunch. Sit down with Pete and talk sh*t, TC comes in from teaching dirt bike and talk more sh*t. Look out the window and see Grouchy and Greenback still standing on far range. Hear Grouchy yelling something even from inside. Look at the clock and think, It’s 12:30 muth-a-f*cker, you goin’ give them a lunch today?

Go back out, run exercises 7-9 with no incidents. Come inside, turn on DVD player. “Do questions 70-99 and let me know when you’re done.” Go through questions, watch videos, have discussions on material, cut discussions short before we’re there all night. “Ok, we’re done. See you tomorrow at the same time. Don’t be late. Bye!” 

Text Charlie.

Getting on the bike.

What time will you be home?



Ride home. Must remember those headphones. Get chased by poodle on our street. Pull into carport and dogs come running. Kiss Charlie, peel off all motorcycle gear, go pee, and prop my feet up and have a beer.

Next day, rewind and do it all over again.


One thought on “a day in the life –

  1. We have similar days. Except…I don’t drive a motorcycle and I wear a business suit. And, I don’t teach. I work with/counsel children. I also don’t drink beer. Ok..the only similarity is the annoyance at forgetting the tunes. But, you know…it felt similar. The human condition, I s’pose.


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