annie, annie! & st patty’s

I’m so ready for the weekend to be here despite having a motorcycle thing tomorrow. Charlie and I rode in together this morning as she had to take a CPR class.

“I can tell you right now what you need to do.”
“Just say, ‘Annie! Annie! Are you ok?’, then point to someone and say, ‘Call 911.”
“What about chest compressions and all that?”
“Oh yeah, you’ll learn that, too.”
“Why is it called ‘Annie’?”
“Every CPR dummy I ever worked on was called ‘Annie’.”

Soon as her class is finished I’m going to go pick her up, go home and we’re going to run with the dogs. The dogs and I went on our first run together this past Monday. They did very well until almost the end a cat ran in front of us and then their concentration was shot. Mine, too.

I finally caved this week and did the Spartacus workout with my boss. It wasn’t bad. I found that when he’s working out is the only time he shuts up. He was doing the workout with 25lb dumbbells so he was about ready to blow a gasket. I was doing 8lbs but think I will up it to 10 tonight when I take Charlie through it. That’s my plan, take a short jog with the dogs, do that workout and then sit on the porch and drink beer.

Sunday, we’re hoping to take the dogs to the dog park, play Frisbee and then on to Joe’s to partake in a little St. Patty’s day brew. Can’t wait! Have a great weekend, everyone!



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