shooting chex mix

Charlie and I had a MUCH nicer evening the next night. We had a standing date to meet up with Paulette & TC at the shooting range to try out their 9mm’s and 22. It was the first time either of us had been in a shooting range. I really had no idea what to expect but it was really a lot of fun. I found I shot really well – bullseyes – with Paulette’s Glock 17. (It made me want to go out and look at them.) After we went through 50 rounds of amo – each of us taking turns shooting 5 rounds each we went next door to the Tavern. Over beers, we told them about the previous night (which, ironically that burger joint was right up the street from the range).

“If they’re such good friends why didn’t they stop when they saw you getting visibly upset?”

“I don’t know but that’s a good question.”

It was a valid point. I’m done with them for a while. I put Bird and Nesa on a restricted, aquaintances setting on FB – which, in my book might as well be on the planet Saturn.

“I’ve put a lot of people and their b.s. up there.”

“That sounds like a good idea, hon.”

“Yeah, that way I really don’t have to deal with it anymore – it’s too far away to worry about.”

The weekend we caught up on things. We gave the dogs bathes, dremeled their nails, roasted a chicken and made chicken stock. We’d made the rounds to the Farmers market to get veggies because we wanted to go back on our veggie/salad diets again. We caught up on Californication (which, Charlie calls soft porn). It rained like hale all weekend and Sunday evening we went over to the boy’s house for dinner. It was very good but very filling. Val sent us home with all kinds of leftovers that immediately went into the freezer.

This week is busy again working all the way through until the middle of April. I’m looking forward to baseball season starting up on Sunday, warmer weather (of course), jazz, and Jason Aldean.


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